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✯[NEWS] 120601 MBLAQ’s Lee Joon says to A-Pink Eunji , ” I want to live with you “

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MBLAQ’s Joon and A Pink’s Eunji are caught in a scandal.
In the episode of MBC TV’s Our Sunday Night – Namshim Yeoshim that will air on June 3, the hosts and guests talk about idol group members that high school students like.
Trying to tease Joon, TEEN TOP’s Chunji asks him, “How many members are there in A Pink?” and Joon says, “Six.” However, the answer is wrong and A Pink’s member Eunji glares at him accusingly.
Feeling sorry for her, Joon suddenly says, “I’ve loved A Pink for a long time” and performes A Pink’s “My My.”
However, Chunji keeps teasing Joon, asking him to perform A Pink’s new song “Hush.” But Joon honestly says he doesn’t know the song. Feeling sorry for her again, he suddenly says, “I want to live with Eunji” and surprises everyone.
Chunji smiles delightedly and the female hosts say, “You two look really good together.” At this, Joon says, “I mean she’s like my sister.”
The scandal between Joon and Eunji created by Chunji will air on June 3 at 5:15 p.m.