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[120713 // Interview: Hanako Magazine – August Edition


“I made the accompaniment song Bling Girl with the mindset of a child.”

Leader Jinyoung gives off the feel of a white kitten. When the other members are speaking, there are continuous laughters from him. Bling Girl, included only in the limited edition version B of their first Japanese single is written, penned and arranged by Jinyoung, and is a song popular even amongst the fans.
“I studied composition even before I entered the company. Staffs who knew, and the members all cheered me on. It was my first actual production, so I faced it with a mindset of a child and an upbeat melody came out.” The affectionate and new arrangement was refined, and with its highly praised musical quality, it became B1A4′s representative song.
To be attracted to a talented man are natural for all women in the world; and Jinyoung’s fans are no different. What kind of person is Jinyoung the boyfriend? “To be cherished by my girlfriend alone gives me confidence. In any chance she wants to become my wife, I hope she respects my work. I will in turn understand the work of my girlfriend. Someday I wish to create a family that is happy that way.” The reasons why Jinyoung needs a wife will be revealed in Gongchan and Baro’s interviews! 


“Surprisingly I am the type who thinks a lot. I have many troubles.”

On the day of the shoot, CNU came wearing blue framed glasses. Recently he showed everyone the side to him without his glasses, and letting go of the hair he always tied up since debut. “Is it that overboard? There is an effect of it being neat and groomed. (laugh) I have various types of glasses, but there are times that I wear them and times that I do not.” He reassures us, and subsides the tension. The smile behind the glasses is the soft and gentle one that is in everyone’s mind.
How does he think of himself? “Um~ I may be the type who thinks a lot. I fret over things a lot and I may be sensitive. Is that a little too feminine? I have an elder sister of 5 years, and she is always very considerate to me so I think I am the innocent and obdient younger brother.”
He has also mentioned that his ideal type is someone like a mother. “That means for someone who has a wide mind, is warm and is able to accept me for who I am. My mother is quite different from what is commonly termed ‘mother’. She watches my performances very calmly, and comments a lot. (laugh)”
As B1A4, their goal is to have a solo concert. His expression is masculine just like the elite idols, and his charismatic appearance looms. 


The determination to enjoy while on stage no matter what!

“Sorry, but there is a pose I wanted to try. Um.. Is it okay if I tried it?” He softly asks the photographer during the shoot, and immediately strikes a pose. Even though it is not the picture on his page, Sandeul’s expressions were plentiful and showed his true side as an artiste. “I am Sandeul, the one who gets tastier the more you chew. Just like an octopus.. You ask where? If I had to choose, it will be the deep flavours to my vocals. It’ll be nice if you experienced it for yourself.”
No matter where B1A4 goes, this main vocalist does not fall behind. His vocal skills are amazing and the charm of the voice of his potential singer is his slightly husky voice. “Singing has always been with me. No matter where am I, even when I am standing in one spot, I’ve never forgotten about singing.” The appearance of him singing happy is memorable. “I have a goal to always enjoy being on stage no matter what, and I focus on being able to show my best.”
His energy source is food. “I eat my breakfast, then I eat my lunch. I keep eating; if food comes, I’ll eat it.. I’m eating all day long.” Someday he wishes to be able to sing a ballad solo live. 


“A ball of energy like a new-born baby! Just like Sandeul.”

He is in charge of the sexy low rap in the group, despite a cute face that one would like to tackle. His talents adds on an extra appeal to the world of B1A4, with the rap lyrics that he has written and practiced since his high schools.
We were shocked to hear that Baro wrote the rap lyrics to their first debut Japanese single. “Because it was our first challenge, I worked hard searching through the dictionary and consulting our Japanese language teacher. I wanted to keep the meaning from the Korean lyrics, and also match the pronounciations.” Normally if I did it in Korean, I may take several days after writing the first line but once the feel hits me I finish it in a couple of years.
Because he is the only one with blood type B in the group, he is in charge of deciding for food from the menu. “Today I decided in an instant that we would have spam (laugh)!” He is also famous for being like this to the fans. “It was my hobby since young to be neat and tidy. Even the things I bring around are the things I would need. Ah, and Jinyoung hyung’s bag is amazing. He has biscuits from 2 months ago, and gum just put inside. Even if I tidy it up for him, it reverts back to its original state so I’ve given up now. (laugh)”
Baro says that B1A4 right now are as if they had just come out from their mother’s womb. “You know how babies cry really loudly like a ball of energy? I think that is very much like the way we work hard at our activities. It is really the start right now.” 


“I feel happy that others feel happy about me working on things that the members cannot do.”

Gongchan gives off the feel of a pretty young actor getting taller everyone, to whom you want to ask if he is on his way back after a drama filming. A cute smile from the beginning till the end, he is one of the most special maknaes amongst Korean groups at the moment. “Even though I am the youngest amongst the members, I am eldest son in the family. When I see my younger brother, I becomes a charismatic hyung? Something like that. (laugh) Even though the side to me on television is one he has never seen, I hope my younger brother thinks of me as a cool elder brother.”
He definitely has a reputation for being a very consideration maknae. “Because of that, Jinyoung hyung is always looking for me. The frequency of him losing his things is no joke. Even when I pick something up, I don’t return it to him immediately. In the car he would realize that he lost something. So I will hold it up and ask him if it’s what he is looking for. We both then feel good (laugh).”
No matter how you see it, Gongchan is an angel. Since he seemed to like helping people, we asked him about other stories. He got embarrassed while asking if he had to say it himself. “I like to help the members with some things they don’t know how to do on the computer. I memorized how the professionals fixed the computer when it was spoilt in the past, and the next time I fixed it…” Gongchan also treats all the fans who come up on stage for a special event with respect. He is one who is impossible to not have fans. 


Source: beautifulday.kr
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
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