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[FANACCOUNT] 120617 Dream team Story Filming

filming tape, I wanted to upload the pictures from my ipad to the computer and make a post, but I had 3 final exams in the morning so I didn’t had energy to do so. After a morning of exams, I’ll show the pictures to everyone now. PS about yesterday’s kiss incident, I showed the post to Jinyoung and Jang Doyeon noona (T/N: probably the one who kissed Jinyoung), Jinyoung expressed that the internet is scary nowadays, and asked what are the fans secretly talking about, I told Doyeon noona that fans are saying that she is going to die because of this incident…thus Doyeon noona immediately explained that it was for a funny performance and it wasn’t real, Jinyoung smiled helplessly at the side….But I didn’t think that B1A4 had huge popularity, we had one of the largest audience at our programme filming late at night, almost 90% of them were Jinyoung’s fans. As DT’s only Chinese staff, I honestly think that whether present at the filming or paying attention online, all of you are very supportive, so I hope that everyone will like our programme, do watch it when it broadcasts and support our Dream Team staffs. Thank you everyone.

I’ll put the pictures below



Lastly, the autograph and picture we took


Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1670517643

Translation: thesproutboys@tumblr