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{!}[INFO] 120313 Full detail about B1A4’s 1st Album [IGNITION] !!



Disc 001

01. Baby I’m sorry

02. This Time is over

03. So Fine

04. Super Sonic

05. Just the two of us. (Baro Solo – Feat. Min of Miss A)

06. Smile

07. Feeling

08. Crush (Sandeul Solo)

09.. You are my girl

10. Wonderful Tonight (unplugged remix)

11. Baby I’m Sorry (Inst)

Album Information

The photo above is just an example image of the jacket, the CDs are in hologram cases.

- Hologram filmed double digipak style

- 68p photobook/ 60p MV making book

- Limited first press posters

B1A4 who appeared in the music industry in year 2011 like a comet and swept the year end rookie awards with their trendy songs and unqie fashion!
They release their first full length album [IGNITION]

# Tracks like “OK”, “BEAUTIFUL TARGET”, “ONLY LEARNT BAD THINGS” etc and with their unique fashion, B1A4 differentiated themselves from the existing idols and gained numbers of domestic and international fans, creating a new model for the boy groups!

Last year they swept away all the rookie awards including Seoul Gayo Daesang, Golden Disk, etc and B1A4 was approved of their celebrity quality. Now they forewarn their powerful explosion with [IGNITION].

# “Honestly it scares me to see Jinyoung composing. He doesn’t know anything about codes and composes with his own feelings but they are really good so my expectations are very high for Jinyoung’s future songs.” – (During an interview with Composer 이단옆차기/Chance)

Their first full length album “IGNITON” means that the possibilities of evolved musician abilities of B1A4 is beginning and Jinyoung took part in producing while self-composed songs of other members were included to prove this.

In centre of their 1st and 2nd mini albums released before, his self composed songs were included in their album track-lists which helped to recognize his potentials as singer songwriter. Their leader Jinyoung took part in their title track and producing with his potentials and outstanding musical senses.

Title track “BABY I’M SORRY” is also written, composed and produced by Jinyoung. With strong trendy rhythm, drum beats and bass guitar as base it’s an outstanding song which is unforgettable after listening to it only once because of the attractive melody, unique composition and sensual lyrics that can be created only by Jinyoung.

Furthermore, 8 out of 11 tracks Baro, CNU and other members took part in composing, writing lyrics and arranging the tracks which increases the anticipation of this full length album.

Their title track “BABY I’M SORRY” from their first full length album contains all the charms of B1A4 and the 11 tracks consists of R&B POP, Hip-hop, Urban, Ballad and others.

The acoustic and vintage hip-hop rhythm based “THIS TIME IS OVER” which lets you feel the matured sensitivity energy of B1A4, rhythmical with rich groove “SO FINE” defining the cute jealousy of one’s boyfriend that labels the colors of B1A4, the magical electro-house track “SUPER SONIC” that will mesmerize you with its unique and powerful chorus.

Including member Baro’s participation in composing and lyric writing he spread his capacity as a rapper and showed his possibilities through their topic hip-hop track “Just the two of us” featuring Min from Miss A.

“Smile” which out stands each different member’s vocals, “FEELING” composed and written by Jinyoung which captivates the listeners with its unique electro sound.

Sandeul’s first solo track “Crush” which express the feelings of one-sided love with his strong appealing voice.

With bright lyrics and cheerful intro narration, “YOU ARE MY GIRL” they expressed their gratitude to their fans.

“WONDERFUL TONIGHT” from their second mini album was remixed by Jinyoung as Unplugged Version with guitar melody along with Baro and CNU’s individualistic rap creating a new charm for the listeners as “WONDERFUL TONIGHT (Unplugged Remix)” including all 11 tracks perfectly shows the different musical spectrums of B1A4.

In addition, the new rising composing group 우리형과 내동생 (Urihyung-gwa naedongsaeng, Our hyung and my dongsaeng) participated in producing B1A4’s album along with Jinyoung to produce combined and high quality music to attract more music lovers.

With the intense competition among the boy groups in the Kpop music industry, B1A4 is determined to attract the music lovers with their own future dreams and charms with this album unlike any other ordinary idols which makes us to anticipate for their infinite possibilities.

Source: hottracks.co.kr
Translation Credits: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
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