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[INTERVIEW] 120418 – B1A4: My name is Sandeul, Baro

My name is Sandeul. My real name is Lee Junghwan.

I was born on 1992.03.20. I have a noona who is two years older than me.

Because I have a lot of hair, there are times when my head looks big. If I grew my hair like CNU hyung, I think my head would look twice as large?

When I was first added to B1A4, I had an asymmetrical hairstyle. (Baro: Really? I thought it was like a mop of hair.) I cut it into an asymmetrical hairstyle, but my hair had grown a bit. Seems like the other members don’t remember. Hmm… (Gongchan: That was Lee Junghwan hyung.) Yeah, that’s right. Because Lee Junghwan and Sandeul are completely different people. Hahahaha.

I suffered the most with a hidden camera initiation ceremony. There was a ‘koong!’ sound in the dorms, and when I went towards the sound, I saw that Jinyoung hyung had fainted on the floor. It was a serious situation, but everyone kept telling me to hold hyung on my back, so I was on my way to go outside after holding him when hyung started laughing like ‘hehe’. That’s when I noticed it. Really~ (Jinyoung: Because it would hurt if I really fell onto the floor, I punched the floor like ‘pang!’ and then laid down slightly.)

I’m good at acting like I’m sick too. Euhehe. I played hooky using that a lot during elementary school. But there was a time when I faked being sick in kindergarten to my mom and then had to receive a shot on my spinal cord. The doctor suddenly put a giant needle in my back like ‘puk!’ and this really cannot be explained in words. I couldn’t even make out a sound and I just sat there with tears rolling down my face. Sob sob.

There was a time when I rode an amusement park ride when I was younger, but the rope snapped off and I was shocked. I jumped with my body attached to the rope and was coming down after rotating in midair, when I noticed that the rope was going to snap because it was worn out. While thinking, ‘Huh…? This isn’t it…?’, the rope snapped and my body fell immediately on top of the mat. My parents were so surprised that they continuously complained towards maintenance. After that incident, I don’t trust anything where I have to hang from a rope.

Although I like playing baseball, it’s truthfully not fun when I watch someone else play it. That’s why even though I don’t know much about pro baseball, I didn’t really like the Hanhwas. Whenever I went to the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, it was always Lotte against Hanhwa and they always lost. Because I was so angry, I said, “Ah, now I’m not going to go watch baseball because of Hanhwa!”, but CNU hyung was a Hanhwa fan. Euhaha. (CNU: I don’t know why he acts like that toward Hanhwa.)

Because Gongchan is so keen, there are times when he’s scary. When we play the mafia game with each other, he would just watch us like this~ and then say, “Hyung, you’re the mafia, right?” and find out the real mafia like that. So scary!

I’m quite good at making rice. When I’m in charge of making rice, we can have firm rice, but when someone else is in charge of it, we have to eat dry and hard rice. (Jinyoung: I’ll admit that he’s good at making rice because he measures the water well!)

I created the soy sauce rice pancake and bi-ramyun. I made it on MBC every1’s ‘Weekly Idols’ and even Jung Hyungdon senior said it’s tasty. For the soy sauce rice pancake, you mix egg into soy sauce rice and cook it into a pancake, but if you add chili sauce on it, it’s really tasty. And the bi-ramyun is a dish that combines bibimmyun (mixed noodles) and ramyun. It has to be Paldo’s Bibimmyun and Ansungtangmyun. The first time I made it was when I was 7 years old and when my friend ate it, they fell in love with it and went on their knees. I’m serious!

My name is Baro. My real name is Cha Sunwoo. I am the only blood type B in B1A4.

I was born on 1992.09.05. I have a younger sister who went into her first year of high school this year.

I personally did all the rap making for this album. When writing raps, I usually listen to the song and write it to what I’m feeling at that time. And because I do that, the feeling would be different if I listened to it today since I wrote it yesterday, I keep changing it till I’m content with it. There are times where I just put in things that I already wrote before, but that’s only when I really can’t think of anything!

It’s the first time since high school that I cut my hair this short. I personally think that short hair suits me better and I really like it because it’s comfortable when showering. It takes exactly 3 minutes to wash and dry my hair. Huhuhu. When I bleached my hair blonde, my hair wouldn’t dry at all so my scalp was getting worse too, but now I really feel refreshed.

Being an actor was my dream originally. There was a time when I studied really hard in high school because I thought going to the theater department in a university in Seoul was the way to become an actor. I was a kid who always just listened to music and played games, but I suddenly changed and diligently went to cram school. For around… one month? Hehe. And because I brought up my grades to over half of what I normally had, I went up to the upper middle percentile.

When I went to go audition, my mom enthusiastically helped. She sent me to a dermatologist and went into the city and bought me clothes. That was the first time she ever bought me such expensive clothes.

I was the first to be confirmed as a B1A4 member. Should I say I’m the 1st group for B1A4. Hahaha. (Sandeul: Ah~ You’re in the 1st group? Big senior!) So I was secretly watching when Jinyoung hyung was auditioning, but he was really good at acting threatening. (Jinyoung: Don’t you mean Gonggil? [T/N: Threatening = gonggal while Gonggil is a character from ‘The King’s Man’]) Ah, I thought something was wrong. Is the movie title, ‘The King and I’? (CNU: Euhaha. I think you mean ‘The King’s Man’! He talks so well. / Sandeul: 1st group-nim, why are you acting like this? You’re normally a smart person.) Anyways, the way he was immersed in it was really cool and I thought his face was good-looking, so I personally appealed to the company that it would be good if he was picked.

To pick the order of who showers, we always play rock-paper-scissors among the members in the dorm. I like it the most when I get 1st, because I can shower first. However, I think that everyone’s glory days rotate around and goes little by little to each person. Sometimes, there would be someone who would constantly get 1st place and then drop down to last place on another day.

Whenever I’m on cooking duty with Sandeul, the members didn’t really like it. Because both of us are bad at cooking, it was to the point where everyone would say, “Hey, if you can, just make us something like a 3 minute meal [T/N: microwavable meal]. And you guys, don’t cook.” But we ate the food that Sandeul cooked during the recordings of ‘Weekly Idols’ and it was really tasty, so I was surprised.

The specialty of hidden cameras that we do are, we take a lot of time on it. It doesn’t work if we try showing it to you in a short amount of time and there has to be a continuous story line. That’s how you trick them well. Euheuheuheu. When there’s no one to trick, Jinyoung hyung acts by himself. He would say, ‘I’m hurting so much, I can’t breathe’, and lay on the bed. Because this happens everyday, even the once-innocent Sandeul, has become used to it.

Although I like going on amusement park rides, I don’t really like the speedy ones. I gained a phobia of it when I was younger after seeing the car that my mom was driving, get into an accident. I don’t really want to get a driver’s license either. Safety is the best. Always stay safe!

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | source cr; 10asia ; take out with FULL credits