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[INTERVIEW] June 2012 Edition of Inkigayo Magazine – Baro’s Interview

What are you doing?

Were you still not sleeping?

What are you doing awake?

I just finished showering and laid down to sleep

Ahoo, the other members are all sleeping

I can’t make be loud, need to be quiet

I don’t have anything special to do tomorrow

Okay, then I’ll call you first tomorrow. See you tomorrow

Sleep well and have a good dream

Sleep well baby, I’ll see you tomorrow


-Teaser Serif-

If there are, what are Baro’s new charms that you want to appeal through ‘Baby Goodnight’?

Our stages up until now have been cheerful and really hectic. Since our mood is up. This time, I want to appeal with a charm that leads parts like picking up and putting down hearts of females with a somewhat calm and comfortable feel. (I.M: Instead of leading them, it smells somewhat like the true scent of casanova?) That’s definitely not it.

What’s the role that Baro plays in the music video’s story?

CNU hyung is the main character, and I’m his best man. Thus, CNU hyung and the best men. CNU hyung and the kids. I believe that it was a great role to help the main character stand out. Hahaha~

Teaser, Big Issue! What’s happening? (Episode)

Truthfully, if you watch my clip, I talk almost as if I were whispering. The reason is that I got a cold and my voice wouldn’t come out. That was as loud as my voice would go. And additionally, the next day was the ‘Dream Concert’, so it was a situation where I couldn’t use my throat at all. While organizing my thoughts about what to do, I decided to go for a concept where I quietly whisper. My throat really hurt at that time, so I worried a lot for the next day’s stage, but thankfully, my voice came back on stage.

If you were to give a grade to the B1A4 member who you think did the best among the teaser videos, how many points would you give? (How many points out of 10 points?)

I still haven’t seen Channie’s clip, but they said that Channie’s was amazing. I also haven’t watched CNU hyung’s and I saw up to Sandeullie’s video, but… I would pick Jinyoungie hyung. And the score would be 9 points. He says it really comfortably to the point where you would almost reply back. I’m even a male and a member, but I almost responded with, ‘Ah, really? Alright, I’ll sleep’. That’s how much attraction there was. He was really cool.

What is something Baro always does before sleeping?

There’s something I always do. Brushing my teeth. That’s a joke. Before I sleep, I always… well not always, but it always changes. Since there are days where I fall asleep while using the computer or watching movies, there are things that I always do like showering or taking out my contact lenses, but specific things change ‘each and every time~’.

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | source cr; b1a4’s fancafe ; take out with FULL credits