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[INTERVIEW] June 2012 Edition of Inkigayo Magazine – CNU’s Interview


What? Who said that?

Ah, it’s a misunderstanding, shh, the guys will wake up.

I’m telling you that it’s a misunderstanding.

Soojungie is just a friend

Really… Hu…

You know that to me, there’s only you

I’m telling the truth

Why aren’t you sleeping? It’s late, hurry up and sleep


I’ll call you tomorrow. Sleep well, good night


-Teaser Serif-

If there are, what are CNU’s new charms that you want to appeal through ‘Baby Goodnight’?

We showed a transformation through our first official full-length album, ‘IGNITION’, with the story of a break-up. It’s also another break-up story this time, but it’s cute and sexy and you can also find a strange charm from a slightly bad boy feel.

The main character in the music video’s story is CNU. How did you get picked as the main character?

Rather than how I became picked, I think it was just because it was my time… Should I call it turns? Something like, ‘Since this person did it last time, CNU, you do it this time’? (I.M: Then for ‘I Need a Fairy (sitcom)’, did you do it because it was your time?) Although I don’t know the exact reason, (take aback) erm… since it’s something the company chose. Maybe I matched it quite well?

CNU isn’t the same type of guy as the main character in the music video, right?

No, never. If I’m in that situation, well, I probably would dream about leaving too. So I understand his position, however, I would play with my friends, not cheat. (I.M: That’s the worst thing. Playing them like a puppet.) Hahaha! But I’m not like that.

Teaser, Big Issue! What’s happening? (Episode)

I take the camera and go into the room by myself. This situation is really funny by itself. And since it’s embarrassing if other people saw, I don’t let anyone else come in. When we come back from practice, it’s in the middle of the night, but it needs to be a bit dark for the mood to be set and all. However, there are times when we come home and it’s already bright outside. After closing all the windows and turning off the lights, I turned on one small light and after pulling over the covers, all preparations would be set. I’m starting the self-camera. There isn’t any one to give me my lines, and I need to create my own story while talking. Although it’s awkward, I filmed it while thinking, ‘How will the song’s main character prepare in order to reassure his girlfriend and then go out?’. Afterwards, my fingers were all curling up. I thought I was going to die from my fingers and toes curling, but it’s great that the fans really liked it a lot.

If you were to give a grade to the B1A4 member who you think did the best among the teaser videos, how many points would you give? (How many points out of 10 points?)

Personally, I think everyone did well. (I.M: Do you think that you did the best?) Nope, Channie! Although you probably can tell if you watched the clip, there’s this thing that he gives off that makes you melt. There’s also a twist to it as well; he shows a variety of charms. I think Channie did the best. 8 points out of 10? (I.M: It’s a bit stingier than I thought it would be?) Ah, because I’m not the type to give good grades, if it’s an 8, then it’s good!

What is something CNU always does before sleeping?

I think a lot. I also write often in a journal, but there are times when I skip it due to being busy. With the mindset of organizing the day’s events while laying down before sleeping, I have my own self-reflection(?) time with thoughts like, ‘I did this like this and like that today’. Hahaha!

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | source cr; b1a4’s fancafe ; take out with FULL credits