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[NEWS]B1A4 bares their chocolate abs for ‘CeCi’

B1A4 has put their versatile charms on display once again through their latest pictorial with ‘CeCi‘ magazine!

The boys recently dressed down into casual and comfy styles for a fashion photoshoot looking into “what happens behind bedroom doors while everyone’s asleep.” Although we’re sure fangirls have other things on mind, the pictorial depicts the boys in their most natural form, like snacking in bed and joking around with one another.

Member Baro surprised fans the most with the reveal of his chocolate abs, showing that the group is truly on the threshold of growing up into young adult men.

Representatives on set revealed, “They all had mysterious looks and professional modeling skills that made them truly look as if they were standing between the line that differentiated them from boys to men. Their gazes were sparkling and alive all throughout the shoot, so we’re all looking forward to how they’ll change and grow in the future.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver