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[NEWS]B1A4 Sandeul like “Victoria Secret” Show??

If they were to choose the president these days, many young girls would be choosing this group. The name of this idol group may be a little strange to the older generation, it is B1A4. Their group name is formed from the basis that 1 member has blood type B and 4 members with blood type A. There are often misunderstandings, with people referring to them as B1F4 because of drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, or the size of paper A4. But there is no mistake that these boys are the hottest rookies who have been making young girls laugh and cry in 2012.

A year ago, these five boys were amazed by the sight outside the closed windows of our interview room in Hongik University. But now they have transformed into bad boys who wink while “leaving a text message of ‘sleep well darling, see you tomorrow’”, and saying that they will “be back tomorrow, so even if I don’t reply, I’m late or if you hate me, please ignore it and move on”. But what can we do, they are the bad boys we canot hate.

Cute but manly at the same time, serious yet mischievous, quiet yet there is occasional chattering. We have prepared this for the people who have yet to fall into B1A4′s charms. It is the reconstruction of B1A4′s interview. We’ve reconstructed the hilarious and fresh interview as much as we could. What if it was the automated voice support? Congratulations. We offer the chance for the young fans to speak comfortably with their oppas, and the noona/aunt fans the chance to call them oppa. Only 10 seconds each. Of course, this has not been agreed upon with B1A4, so it’ll be a problem if you say that you saw it in an article. We recommend that you talk to them about the photographs in the repackage album THE B1A4 I IGNITION SPECIAL EDITION. Then you would not have to worry about ‘브이텍’ (slang where people use it in the situation where your heartbeat is increasing yet there is not enough blood).

◆ What exactly is Victoria’s Secret?
Reporter: Sandeul, shall we talk about Victoria’s Secret?
Sandeul: Ah… (The expression of what they call a ‘mental breakdown’)
Members: Wahaha!
Sandeul: I downloaded the video of Victoria’s Secret runway show. When I was searching for Justin Timberlake on the Internet, there were many search results of him performing ‘Sexy Back’ during the Victoria’s Secret show. I felt that ‘Sleep Well Good Night’ needed the slightly seductive feeling on stage so we were supposed to show sexy eyes. I searched for Chris Brown(‘s performances) and that performance as well, but I didn’t expect the reaction to be so huge ㅠㅠ We did a livestream chat via AfreecaTV with the fans at night, just like a video call with my computer.
Jinyoung: I think I’m the culprit. Firstly, I’m sorry. We were carrying out the chatting on AfreecaTV well all the way till the end. I didn’t know how to end the chat properly so I just turned off the camera and the desktop wallpaper ended up showing (on the chat). The video showed up on the desktop, and the fans took a screenshot. We thought that ending the chat meant just switching off the camera but suddenly Channie goes “hyung! The desktop wallpaper is showing”. We thought it was an error and only we could see it (laugh). But the fans saw it all.
Sandeul: I thought to myself, ‘just exactly what is Victoria’s Secret?’ I watched the video and saw that it was just a fashion show. But after that when I searched on the Internet, it was something similar to Maxim in our country.
Baro: Isn’t it an underwear brand?
Reporter: That’s right.
Sandeul: Eh????? Really????? Seriously??????
Baro: Black Eyed Peas have ever stood on that stage before. I thought it was just a performance stage as well.
Gongchan: You said you want to do it too?
Baro: It is a stage everyone would want to challenge for once in their life.
Sandeul: Oh, I think that Justin Timberlake is really amazing. The video title was “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Justin Timberlake Sexy Back”. Since the title was so long it was truncated to only “Victoria’s Secret” on my desktop.
Baro: That’s why I changed the name of the video.
Sandeul: Ah….
Baro: I have several too. Yah, we have to change the names of all the videos. I have Usher‘s too…
Sandeul: Ah seriously! I really got misunderstood. My desktop had Shinchan The Movie and Naruto videos too ㅠㅠ I’m a man who watches Shinchan. But I haven’t been able to watch it too.
Baro: I worried a lot alone. Going “eh?!” at my iPad, I couldn’t even fall asleep.
Gongchan: He was totally serious about it, alone in the middle of the night.
Jinyoung: Totally made a fuss about it.
Sandeul: It was funny at first, but it got worrisome eventually.
Baro: I didn’t even know how to explain it. I did think that after releasing the stress by performing on music shows I should talk about it but he(Sandeul) had already written a post about it. Seriously…
Sandeul: Hey, not you too *&^%$$#!$^&*()
Jinyoung: A couple days ago we cleaned up the house. We were happy after cleaning up the house but such things just had to happen (laugh). Whenever we clean the house, something like this always happens.
Gongchan: Isn’t this the first time?
CNU: Exactly.
Jinyoung: Is that so?

◆ Sandeul’s mental breakdown caused by Victoria’s Secret, and the aftermath
Reporter: But these days, Sandeul has been preparing for the musical ‘Brothers Were Brave’ right?
Sandeul: I play the character of the younger brother Joobong, but the scripts include lines like ‘fella’ and ‘I’m talking to hyung but I feel like a fool’. Unknowningly when I speak I become more rough too. I often ask myself who am I living us.
Reporter: How does it feel to carry out interviews without the members?
Sandeul: On the day we reveal our (musical) practice room, I did an interview. I then understood the importance of the members. I felt it too harshly. As expected, I felt that B1A4 is one.
Members: Puahaha!
Reporter: As for the other members, what do you want to do? For example, if you had a holiday?
Baro: When we are promoting, we should focus on promotions.
Members: Er…
Baro: The weather recently has been really nice so I want to go to places like Hawaii or Gaum, keke. Europe is nice too. Basically I just want to travel to a place with sunshine. Not long ago we went to Han River to catch some fresh air, but only me and Jinyoung hyung got off the car. Han River should be visited at night, because in the day it is so hot. We made some time to visit but it was not satisfying.
CNU: I didn’t get off the car. I was just watching from the back mirror, but I could feel the wind as I ate ice cream.
Baro: In any case, Han River should be visited at night. There are so many people (visiting) in the summer.
Sandeul: What do you do that?
Baro: Just feel the wind.
Sandeul: Ah…



Source: Joy News 24
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
Please credit both the sources and translators when taking out.