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[NEWS/INT][JOY NEWS 24] #2 Interview: 120622 #B1A4, Baro and the exam lunchbox that made his eyes watery (via flightb1a4.com)

Reconstruction of B1A4′s interview, we continue from part one. Instead of watching the pretty models strut on the runway in their underwear on Victoria’s Secret fashion show but to learn Justin Timberlake’s sexiness; we believe that we’ve showed everyone Sandeul’s beautiful and pretty sincere heart through part one of the interview.

In part two, we tell the story of Baro crying as if he was eating rice.

◆ Baro, please do not cry

Baro: I nearly cried after reading the letter that the members wrote when I took my exams 2 years ago.
Sandeul: Wow really?
Baro: That’s why I say letters are important. They’re not written for nothing.
Sandeul: Understood. I’ll make a bot write it and give it to you.
Baro: I nearly cried because the hyungs made me a lunchbox. But the exam papers were in white, and I had to write with a black pen (so I couldn’t cry). Because Sandeul hadn’t changed his address yet, he went to Busan to take his exams. His parents packed lunch for him as well so I was really jealous. I was really lonely. I didn’t even study so I almost could not take the exam. I didn’t expect the hyungs to make a lunch box for me, yet it was right there when I wake up. At that moment I wasn’t jealous of Sandeul anymore. I found strength in my shoulders (laugh).
(Jinyoung and CNU give out fatherly smiles)
Baro: I left the house headed for the subway, but manager hyung said that he’d fetch me to school. But I had made plans to meet my friends at the subway station so I just left by myself. It was lunch time after the exams and when I opened up the lunchbox there was a heart made from peas. Paired with tuna fried rice were several side dishes. It hadn’t been long since I transferred schools then so I ate it by myself.
Sandeul: Aigo, squirrel!
Baro: But it was a lunchbox of love, so I didn’t feel lonely at all.
Sandeul: I didn’t really bother much about exams. I didn’t really study much at all (laugh). During lunch time, I just walked around school brightly. I didn’t have many friends too.
Baro: Other than Jinyoung hyung who took it last year, the four of us took our college extrance exams shortly after we debuted. You know how just before the exams, there are reports of which idols were going to be sitting for them? Only my name didn’t come out! I started to be upset. Sandeul, CNU hyung and Channie even got interviewed at the exam hall, and there were pictures taken too.
Jinyoung: Even I got interviewed.
Baro:I felt the loneliness from 2 years ago. I thought there would be people who would recognize me after I debuted, but no one knew me at all. Since I’m a guy, I sat for the exams with all the other guys. The people standing at the entrance cheering didn’t even know who I was. When I went (into the exam hall), I thought ‘there can’t possibly be not even one person who watches music shows right?’, but I guess there was really no one who watches them. No one at all.
Sandeul: It was like that for us too!
Gongchan: No one really knew us.
Reporter: Are you sure…
Baro: The fans even asked why weren’t we taking our exams.

◆ B1A4 is an animal kingdom?

Reporter: Each of you have nicknames right? Do you like them?
Baro: Me first, me first!
Reporter: Yeah, squirrel, please speak.
Baro: Ah… I really like the nickname of ‘squirrel’. But it’ll be nice if I got a new nickname. I really hear that I look like a squirrel because of my front teeth. Because of my love for soccer, I also have nicknames like Cha Duri, (T/N: There is a South Korean professional soccer player playing for a German club currently named Cha Duri.) Cha dolpark, Chadol. But since I’ve debuted and promoted for a year now, I hope for a more mature nickname. Rather than ‘cute’, I’d like to hear that I’m ‘cool’.
Members: Lynx, Eurasian red squirrel, otter…
Gongchan: My nickname is Chan-puppy. Puppy.
CNU: Ddong-puppy. (T/N: It’s slang for children who cannot stay still for too long.)
Jinyoung: His eyes are bright and looks like a Shitzu, so people call him puppy. If he ties up his fringe, they look even more alike. During our trainee days, he looked exactly like a Shitzu whenever he tied up his fringe.
Gongchan: There is also a nickname ‘Krong-chan’.
Sandeul: That’s why we highly recommended dinosaur as a nickname. We went to watch a movie without Channie, but they were showing Jurassic in 3D. They look the same when the dinosaur opens their mouth, so we took a picture and uploaded it on Twitter. They look alike when they yawn.
Gongchan: I wish to hear that I’m manly.
Sandeul: Doberman.
Baro: German Shepherd? Or a stronger puppy.
Gongchan: Up until now, I’ve been hearing that I’m like a puppy, or a baby. But it’ll be nice to hear that I’ve matured, or I’m manly.
CNU: As for me, bear? And noona. These are nicknames I’ve heard since my school days. I’m so much like a bear in terms of my appearance and actions, so I was given that nickname. My friend ever saved my number in his handphone under the name ‘Shin-bear’.
Sandeul: Whenever he lies down, he will get someone to help him up. He’s somewhat like Pooh. For bears, when they are slow they are slow. But there are times that they are really fast right? He gets really fast when he’s happy. For example, when we go eat something delicious?
CNU: I’m satisfied with my nickname of bear. I don’t like the nickname of noona, though. But it’s nothing bad though, of course.
Jinyoung: If he puts on a hairpin, he is pretty though.
CNU: What are you saying?
Jinyoung: For me, I’m an arctic fox.
Sandeul: Handsome youth? I get the feel of a handsome youth from hyung. My nickname is duck! But when I was in middle school, my nickname was jung-pan, created from ‘Junghwan reads fantasy novels’. (T/N: 환이가 타지 소설 본다.) There was once I was so addicted to reading fantasy novels. For a good while after that, my friends called me jung-pan. My teacher called me ‘mole’. Until middle school, I had a big mole so my teacher went “hey mole!” at me. It’ll be nice if I had unusual nicknames.
Jinyoung: I gave him the nickname of duck. There was once I got him to run an errand for me, to buy some green onions. He looked exactly like Farfetch’d from Pokemon(T/N: Farfetch’d is literally translated from English into Korean into 파오리 green onion-duck.) It eventually became duck.
Sandeul: I want to have a unique nickname.
Members: Mallard?
Sandeul: The nickname of mallard is only so-so. Monument? I want to be a rare animals.
Members: Platypus.
Sandeul: Since the platypus is brown, I like it (laugh).
CNU: Sandeul is also good at swimming. As soon as Baro saw him swim, he called him a platypus.
Sandeul: But because the platypus has a tummy, I don’t like it.


Source: Joy News 24
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
Please credit both the sources and translators when taking out.

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