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[STAFFDIARY] 120620 Japan Staff Diary Update: Beautiful Target PV Making

Has everyone checked out the episode of MUSIC JAPAN broadcasted over the last week?
Eating monjayaki for the first time♪
The members filled up their stomachs fully, eating 3 portions during filming (laugh)
And the first performance (of Beautiful Target Jap. ver) ever in Japan!
We hope everyone can see them upclose at the commemoration event.
We look forward to the turnout!!
★Date/Time: 30 June, Saturday, 9am
★Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Exhibition Hall Level 3

★Date/Time: 1 July, Sunday, 12nn
★Venue: Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Roof Grand Stage

But just like the other time, today we bring you to the colorful backstage of making of Beautiful Target’s PV.

The outfits are always matched with many accessories.
Can you tell which accessories are matched with which clothes?

If you talk about Beautiful Target, it is this scene!

Baro during a break. What could he have said to the cat in the filming studio?

he weird light from the ceiling; that is the effect of “sunlight”.

This is a picture of cute B1A4.
There are many B1A4-related logos and signs in the picture. Do you see them?

The filming took almost 24 hours but the members were filled with energy all the way till the end!

Source: b1a4.info
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
Please credit both the sources and translators when taking out.