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[TRANS][INTERVIEW]Myojo Magazine – August Edition ft. #B1A4 (via flightb1a4.com)

Hobby: Composing songs, watching romance movies. “I want to recommend a Korean movie, 오싹한 연애 (Chilling Romance).”

When leader Jinyoung composes a song,”he is a man who never gives up. When he decides on doing something he finishes it. It’s really cool.” (Gongchan) “His body looks really skinny but his muscles are no joke.” (CNU) He who is frequently complimented by the members, however, also has this other side to him. “He is horrible at cleaning, so his room is disorderly.” (Baro) “His sleep talking is no joke either! In the middle of the night we hear a clear loud ‘No more than this!’, and when we check out who is it, it was said by Jinyoung hyung who was sleeping (laugh). The next morning when we ask him about it, he has no memory of it at all…” (Sandeul)

Hobby: Building up his arm muscles. “My charm point are my shoulders! Only because there are many people who say so.”

The tallest amongst the members CNU has the nickname “bear”. It came about when he was young, and because he was slow in both his actions and speech. That is what he says himself, but it seems that the other members have different nicknames for him too. “CNU hyung is B1A4′s mother. He cleans up the room, turns off the gas and electricity when we go out, and locks the doors.” (Sandeul) “He is really like a mother, taking care of the little things. But he also likes biscuits and cookies very much! It’s unexpectedly cute, isn’t it?” (Gongchan) He reveals that his recent worry are about his dark circles. Ah, youth…

Hobby: Listening to music and watching movies. “I was very touched watching French/American movie I Love You Phillip Morris.

He who introduces himself brightly as Sandeul, the man who is like an octopus; the more you chew, the tastier it becomes. He is the mood-maker in the group. “He definitely gives strength to the members.” (CNU) Sandeul is really cute when he sticks out his lips and jokes around. But his weakness would also be having to clean up. “He just leaves the things he uses lying around.” (Baro) “He’s bad at cleaning up, just like me.” (Jinyoung) However, he raises a counterargument. “I may not be good at cleaning up but I’m better than Jinyoung hyung!” (Sandeul) “Well… It’s nice that he works hard to clean up, but the results do not match the hard work put in.” (CNU)

Hobby: Reading and listening to music. “American movie 500 Days of Summer made me laugh and cry, I think it’s a nice movie.”

The nickname of cutie Baro with his round eyes is “squirrel”. “When you look at him, he has a very mischievous image. But in reality, he is more gentle than he looks.” (CNU) He does seem so. “Amongst the members he likes cleaniness the most, and he’s good at cleaning up. He’s thoughtful enough to even arrange my desktop for me.” (Jinyoung) Baro replies jokingly, “My joy in life is cleaning up (laugh). Actually, there are some folders that I could not arrange on his desktop. My desktop only has two folders for music and videos!” (Baro)

Hobby: Reading and listening to music. “I like Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend

On first glance, he looks cool but maknae Gongchan is a mysterious man with many tears. “It’s really amazing. We all do not know about our schedules, but somehow Gongchan always knows. And he even remembers all the schedules we’ve had in the past.” (Jinyoung) “Channie also remembers the names and faces of people he’s only met once.” (Baro) His memory is really good then! “I do not put any special effort into memorizing stuff, but when questioned, the answers just come out. I’m also amazed at how I memorized them.” (Gongchan)

Source: blog.daum.net/skipfire
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com
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