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[TRANS][MAGZ] 120426 #B1A4 in SBS Inkigayo Magazine (Japan) part 2/2 (Eco-drive article)

*On the green sign Baro’s holding:

<Traffic Safety Campaign> with B1A4, everyone will follow it right? Please~!

Campaign Song Star 02

Happy was-Drive! With B1A4

Let’s protect traffic safety  Eco Drive with B1A4!

Are you familiar with <Law1:29:300>? It is a word that has been created to state the very narrow strange signs of there being that before 1 big accident occurs, there are approximately 29 minor collisions and over 300 traffic law violations. (by Heinrich) The amount of car accidents in Korea in a year is 226,878, and deaths from those accidents are 5,505 (2010 standard) and this exceeds over twice the average level of the OECD, and is in a situation avoiding the very last. At times like this are when we need to pay more attention to the ‘Traffic Safety’ that is easy to miss throughout our everyday lives correct?

Here we will teach you what ‘Traffic Safety’ is, taking initiative and using their bodies, pay attention to B1A4’s practice of the traffic safety with their promising actions. Heavily armed with their trendy sense of music, they came back with their first album <IGNITION> and are now the 2nd runner-up  for the Song>! “Please Stop! Please protect the safety!” Laughing while protecting the traffic safety, let’s Eco with B1A4 together today as well for the traffic safety of the advancing country of Korea!

*In the yellow section:

2012, what you should look out for on the roads! Drive Carefully~OK?

  1. Please confirm the inside of the car used for your child’s commuting to school! ⇒ Did you know that if we look at the current conditions of car accidents, children are the next highest of being involved with accidents after drunk driving? The driver should directly get out of the car and check for the child’s safe entering and exiting of the car.
  2. Whenever, wherever, breaking the speed limit is forbidden! ⇒ If you exceed the speed limit by 60km/h, 60 points will be deducted from your original point and will have to pay a fine of 120,000 won, and with one violation, more than 40 points can also be subtracted and your license can be confiscated. Not driving at the speed limit is not a good thing to do.
  3. Drunk Driving is a definite NO! ⇒ Your first offence will be 6 hours, the second will be 8 hours, and the third and more will be 16 hours of punishment. This is a waste of your time right?
  4. Throw away your aggressive driving habits! ⇒ You do know that sudden take off, sudden braking can lead to accidents right? To stop breaking of the speed limits・sudden braking and such dangerous acts, they equipped the buses with a documenting device, but if I make the bus 1 minute late, don’t forget that I everyone could have gone in 5 minutes.


Eco Drive Note 01_ : ‘The dash of rage’  Please store you true feelings away.

Terrible traffic that makes you swallow air and complex roads, the ‘Subway of hell’ during rush hours. Although the data graph for the travel expense graph is increasing, will it change if you bought a car? The answer is NO! That is because we will be able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide by 2012. The money that you used to pay for taxi will also decrease. It is a little like two birds with one stone. Adding to that is the rising price of oil that now, instead of ‘high oil prices’, we have come to a generation that can be called an ‘extremely high oil price generation’. Furthermore, the rate of traffic accidents is the last amongst the various countries, and is an important time to act urgently upon the prevention of traffic accidents. There is not one thing hard about this! That is because it is a shortcut to ‘Traffic Safety’ if each individual driver practices and changes their driving habits. How about we all practice it together starting now?

*On the top picture reading the speech bubbles from left to right:

Sandeul: Look over there! There’s a car the suddenly accelerating!! What’s going to happen to the car in front of that car if it speeds up too fast?

Gongchan: Ah, I wonder what CNU hyung is doing?

Baro: Hey? That’s right! That’s not good for the safety of the traffic~ (agreeing with Sandeul) Let’s go regulate it! Go Go~

Jinyoung: I’m concentrating on driving right now. Don’t talk to me!

CNU (on the phone):

Hello? You know that I love you too right? Haha

*The quote next to CNU:

The use of cell phones while driving

Under the pink text: ピー!(the sound of a whistle)

The use of cell phones while you are driving is prohibited. Did you know that if you do use your phone while driving, you will have to pay a fee of 60,000 won and 15 points will be subtracted. But, there are 4 circumstances in which you may use your phone. Other than these 4, the use of your phone while driving is not legal. For our safety!

  1. If your car is stopped/parked
  2. During an emergency
  3. While reporting a crime or a disaster
  4. Hands-free (Bluetooth)

*From Baro’s speech bubble:

The people who drive safely are the best!

*On the very bottom:

‘The 7 safety warnings for drivers’ that the Public Corporation of Traffic Safety announced

  • To follow the speed limit
  • To maintain a safe distance between cars
  • No dozing off while sleeping
  • No sudden lane switches
  • No drunk driving
  • The prohibition of the use of cell phone while driving
  • Always watch where you are going


Eco Drive Note 02_1 day practice Eco Drive!

Save the Earth, Experience Eco-Driving

Economy, safety, convenience, for an environment that is aiming at energy conservation, eco driving is a nice way to drive! Changing your driving habits can lead to saving energy, decreasing greenhouse gas, and reducing car accidents are some benefits along with it being economical. Bad driving habits can lead to unnecessary traffic, but can also cause car accidents. Are you still confused? If we said that just by changing your driving habits can lead to reducing 203,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emission, and can decrease the public economical __ by more than 6.6 trillion yen, then you can understand where we are going with this right? Now, shall we start Eco Driving with a joyful feeling?

*From Jinyoung’s bubble:

Good driving habits can give happiness to you family. I will give all of those who Eco Drove today a heart full of B1A4’s love! Please accept the heart~

What is the Eco Drive that CNU, who studied diligently about the traffic safety campaign, is going to teach us?

  1. All passengers seated must put on a seatbelt – every time you get onto a car always click it! It’s rea~lly easy right?
  2. Sudden take off, sudden acceleration, and sudden braking is a NO – it is necessary to have a habit of driving gently.
  3. Watching other things while driving! – Do you have to pay attention to something else while driving? We’ll forgive you is it was exchangeable with your life.
  4. Do not inflict harm with Drunk Driving – If we said that every day, there is an average of 78.5 accidents caused by drunk drivers, that is a lot of counts right? Let’s choose between either driving or drinking.
  5. Stop your engine if you are stopped or parked for more than 5 seconds! – While you are waiting at a stop light, shift your gear from drive (D) to neutral (N)!
  6. What are you rushing for? – Please keep at the speed limit! Agreement to the 60~80km/h speed limit, and 90~100km/h on the high way.
  7. What is the foundation of safe driving? – The maintenance of air pressure in your tires. It is essential to always manage your tires.

*From Gongchan’s bubble:

Since we have the hang of ‘Eco Drive’ , how about we all practice it one by one? ‘Safety’ is always number 1!

*From CNU’s speech bubble:

There is nothing hard about getting the hang of ‘Eco Drive’. Just always keep in mind the 7 listed above!

*In black bubble:

What if obeying to the ‘Eco Drive’ that CNU and Gongchan has taught us politely about was hard? They will punish you like this! Haha. Can you see CNU’s real expression?

*In white bubble:

What is the sign that CNU is holding? That is the ‘Children’s Protection Area’ sign. This is a sign that prevents the potential car accidents that can occur and that secures the safety of the children’s commuting are so let’s remember this sign!

*From CNU’s speech bubble (on the bottom right):

Mastering the Traffic Safety campaign finished! I put in a lot of effort right?

*In the bottom left corner:

◎ Regulation signs

  • Bicycle passage prohibited
  • Passing prohibited
  • Vehicle passage prohibited
  • Pedestrian walking prohibited

◎ Warning signs

  • Slippery roads
  • Children protection
  • Road constructions
  • Falling Rocks
  • Riverside roads


Eco Drive Note 03_ : Spring♪Spring♪Spring♪ Dozing off while driving is something that comes along with the warm spring!

The warm spring temperature that hangs in the air during April. The dramatic temperature change that causes the tension to loosen and also tends loosens your awareness towards safe driving. The drowsiness that comes along with the warm temperature tends to cause people to doze off while driving. According to the Public Corporation of Road Traffic, the accidents and death rates are the highest during March through May. The cause of 23% of those accidents is due to sleepiness while driving. Dozing dozing~ dozing off while driving is end now!

*From Sandeul’s speech bubble:

Your tensed muscles and tiredness will loosen if you do an easy stretch and you will feel refreshed! Please devote 5 minutes of your time~

*From Gongchan’s speech bubble:

Stop by the nearest rest area and drink a cold drink, or even closing your eyes and resting is good.

*From CNU’s speech bubble:

Mmm what a good smell! Win to the weariness by dropping a few drops of peppermint oil on your car seat or drinking herb tea! Drinking coffee or a health drink can stimulate you central nerves and can instead cause even more weariness.

*From Baro’s speech bubble:

Periodically open your car window while the car is moving and ventilate the air inside of your car. Isn’t it kind of like two birds with one stone to be able to feel the cool spring wind AND wake up?

*On the yellow car:

What should you do if sleepiness slowly attacks?

*In the black bubble:

Over-relaxing your eyes! Even if you doze off for 1 second BANG! It can turn into a big accident!

Eco Drive Behind Story

At the filming scene that was held at 1:00PM on March 13th (aired on March 25th), the voices of praise such as “You guys are great after all, you’re the best!” could be heard. That is because of the unlimited love the group received by the staff while filming with their expressions and gestures that attract your interest, the suggestions to many ideas for the use of props. They are very concentrated while filming and finish everything perfectly, but also give us the present of their playful and happy atmosphere during their breaks. We shall show you B1A4’s – who overflows with infinite charms – Behind Story! # Conversation between CNU and Jinyoung – “Hey, I told you I was going to drive!” the two of them who were bickering over the toy car that looks exactly like (?) a Lamborghini. Who is the one who snatched the wheel in the end? Apparently CNU took the wheel in the end while shouting “(Strongly) I’m going to ride that!”

Jinyoung was lovely as well when he answered “(Coolly) Alright!”

*Above the picture where Baro’s in the middle being hyper:

This is B1A4’s dressing room that is overflowing with pleasant and refreshing energy, where with will help us understand the importance of ‘Traffic Safety’!

*The bubble below that↑same picture:

The concern of interest that Sandeul – who is watching from the side – has is Gongchan’s tight hips. Is he jealous of the maknae’s hips?

*The bubble to the far left:

What is their method of choosing the order who films their individual parts? “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

*The bubble next to that↑:

Sandeul who savors the sandwich and the glutton Baro who watches with an expression of want! Like playing house, the two of them who spend a fun time after making themselves a sandwich! Perfect scores on their sense (of humor)!

*Bubble under Jinyoung:

Leader Jinyoung who shows a bright smile. Wait! Was he making the same pose as the rabbit figure in front of him? Have you seen someone as cute as him before~? Certification to a cute boy!

*The white bubble on the far bottom right:

Round 2 of the copying of the rabbit figure! CNU who overpowers Jinyoung with his even more graded up pose. CNU wins~ since we can’t tell which one is an actual rabbit.

*The yellow speech bubble (from left to right):

Sandeul: Nom Nom, yummy orange~

Baro: If you say cleaning, that would mean dish washing! Gotta make them clean~

Baro: (with the force of scraping with is front teeth) Shall I make delicious carrot juice?

*Text next to Baro’s head:

His two front teeth that look like a rabbit’s is Baro’s charm


caps cr: b1a4jpbana

trans cr: kouko @ AVIATEB1A4