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B2ST sends a special gift to a 13 year old fan battling cancer

B2ST has been revealed to have sent a very special present to a 13 year old fan who’s currently battling cancer.

On B2ST’s official fancafe, a person claiming to be a missionary wrote a post stating, “Please help 13 year old Seohyun (alias) who’s currently fighting cancer.” Revealing that she was receiving stage three of chemotherapy, the post went on to state, “Seohyun has now shaved off all of her hair and refuses to look in the mirror. She is so beautiful, and yet she does not want to take off her hat even while in bed. Her lips are chapped and it is difficult for her to speak or eat, so she’s also lost a lot of weight. She’s in deep sadness, always asking why she must suffer such pain. The only consolation she has is B2ST. She yearns for their autograph.”

The post eventually made its way to the eyes of the B2ST members, and they promptly sent a special gift box filled with not only their autographed CDs, but also their photobooks and a handwritten letter. Although it might not seem much, the present meant the world to Seohyun. To her friends, she left messages stating, “It’s really B2ST! Doojoon oppa and Yoseob oppa wrote me a letter, and the rest of the oppas even left autographs! I’m so happy.”

The missionary spoke with Sports World and expressed, “Seohyun has reached adolescence, and with that came the depression of having to endure her chemotherapy treatments. After receiving B2ST’s gifts, she was extremely happy and now has a positive outlook on life. Fortunately, she’ll be able to complete the rest of her chemotherapy and return to her hometown to continue her treatments.”

A representative of Cube Entertainment also expressed, “We feel pressured knowing that something we definitely should have done has made it out to the public eye. We’re well aware that B2ST fans are involved with charities and volunteer work, and the B2ST members are so very touched by it and aim to do whatever they can to help out.”

Doojoon and Yoseob added, “We’re just grateful that Seohyun likes B2ST despite her difficult situation. We hope that she gets better soon so that we can all meet up.”

B2ST and B2UTIES are no strangers to good deeds. Back at their ‘Beautiful Show‘ concert in February, fans donated 5,835.9 kg of rice wreaths and 8,036 briquettes. Yoseob’s fans also headlined for gathering donations to help children suffering from incurable diseases.

Source + Photos: Sports World via Nate