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Become staff of B2ST’s Fanclubs !!

Hello Beauty and everyone! This is Beast’s Fan Club Manager, skgtsft (can call me SK^^). We are still looking for correspondent staffs who can help me keep the fan club active. We are recruiting at least three staffs (design staff, post editor(moderator), post writer) always-online or always-active is one that we are in need.

BEST FANS, you’ve got a big chance to become our writer whenever you are list as the Best Fan of the Month. The consequences may be lessen (as it is like a stepping stone).

We are Looking for Reporters that can be an B2ST Follower, who could gather NEWS, posts PHOTOS & VIDEOS, update B2ST’s SCHEDULES/EVENTS/PERFORMANCES. Here’s how to apply :

First, you must apply as a staff member. You must be a staff member first in order to be a part of “The Team, Korea.com” and B2ST’s Writer.

Please fill up the following form:

1. Which Fanclub are you applying for? : BEAST (B2ST)

2. Which role do you apply for? (Staff) :

3. Name :

4. Age :

5. Nationality :

6. Active Period :

7. Email Address :

8. Korea.com ID :

9. Twitter & Facebook Links :

10. How well can you do your job? :

*Please join the Fan Club that you’re applying before sending your Applications.

Send your application form to sk_gtsft@hotmail.com . I will also receive your Application Form, then you will also receive a response from me to confirm anything and/or we’ll just make some arrangements. :D

You can also contact me via :

Facebook : www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=skgtsft

Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/sk_gtsft

*Note : please introduce yourself (as an applicant) when contacting me! ^_^

– Thank You and Good Luck!