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‘Wide Entertainment News’ discusses the similarities between SHINee & B2ST

The similarities between idol groups SHINee and B2ST have been analyzed.

A segment on Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ which airs every Tuesday compares the odd similarities between two different celebrity individuals who live separate lives.

The most recent episode drew much attention, as there were some parallels between idol groups SHINee and B2ST.

First, both group debuted with songs that aimed to reach the hearts of their female fans and both contained references to girls in the title of the song. SHINee debuted with “Replay” (Korean title: “Nuna You’re So Pretty”), where the boys sing of having a crush on an older female, while B2ST debuted with “Bad Girl“.

Both groups also have musically talented individuals who write and compose their own songs. They are none other than Onew and Junhyung, and both happen to be from the same town and even have the same blood type- type O.

Furthermore, the ‘tall’ members of both groups, Minho and Dongwoon, are both 181cm tall, and both also happen to have been born in ’91. SHINee’s Jonghyun is also the same age as B2ST’s Yoseoband Kikwang, as they were all born in 1990.

The episode further revealed more interesting similarities between the idol members. Watch the video to find out what else the boys have in common, and don’t miss Minho’s aegyo face at the 05:10 mark!

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Source: allkpop