• jendrewmaine posted an update from leeminho 3 years, 6 months ago

    After watching City Hunter… I must say, LMH showed an exceptional masterpiece in terms of his acting… HE made us angry while caring, smille while crying, nervous while fighting and love while hating…. whew!!! no one can ever made us feel this way,, right??? I also would like to give credit to the persons behind City Hunter… All of you are damn fearless to expose all the rotten side of Korea but manage to extend your objective to your viewers that all those ill matters shall come to an end. I am not familiar with the political side of Korea but though City Hunter, I’ve come to realized that different countries suffer the same problem, the only difference is how we will solve the problem.. Is it possible for the City Hunter to acquire dual citizenship??? :blush: so that he can also vigilantly exposed rotten official wherever needed??:exclamation: City Hunter is just a
    real to life korea drama.. The scenes were so realistic especially when Nana admitted her feelings with Lee yun Seong.. No boring scenes just to lengthen the story.. Cast are all capable of doing their part… I only I have 5 thumbs,, I would give 5 thumbs up to Lee Min Ho and the rest of the cast::::shh: ( I only got 4, including my toes,:blush:) haha.. more power to you Lee min Ho.. and we’re looking forward for City Hunter Season 2 for you to give the ring to Nana and return the earing she left at your couch.. Plss .. Don’t let us wait longer…