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4minute and B2ST to receive the Asia Influential Artist award

4minute and B2ST will be receiving an award at the 2010 Asia Song Festival.

Representatives of KOFICE revealed on October 6th, “4minute and B2ST were chosen to receive the Asia Influential Artist award.”

The award is given to artists that garnered the most attention in Asia for the year. 4minute and B2ST will be making an appearance at the awards event on the 23rd to give impressive performances.

4minute contracted with Universal and set out to expand their activities all over Asia. They’ve been earning much success so far by topping various music charts and earning thousands of new fans.

B2ST began touring through the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan this June while promoting “Shock“, and also earned the support of many. Their comeback album, “Mastermind,” has been sweeping the charts as well.

Source + Photo: Frontier Times