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B2ST beat Infinite and IU and took first place at the Song Festival

Idol group B2ST received the grand prize ‘The Best Song of The Year’ at Song Festival. B2ST beat the other two strong candidates Infinite and IU.

On December 30 at 8:55 p.m, B2ST’s “Fiction” has been chosen as ‘The Best Song of The Year’ at 2011 KBS Song Festival that was held at Yeouido KBS Hall in Seoul.

‘The Best Song of The Year’ is very significant because the public voted for the award during the live broadcast of the show. B2ST received 90,000 votes out of 600,000 text message votes. Besides B2ST, Infinite, IU, and SNSD received the most votes in a descending order.

Yo Seop says, “I want to thank all our members, my parents, families of the agency, and staff members. We will try harder in 2012.”

Lee Gi Kwang states, “We’re honored to receive such a big award. We will make it up to the fans by trying our hardest next year. Thank you Beauty(fan club) for cheering us on.”

In the first part of the event, B2ST performed “Fiction” and in the second part, they performed Shim Soo Bong’s “Man is Ship, Woman is Harbor.”

Lee Gi Kwang who went on stage in a chair due to his injured ankle, was nominated as the Best Rookie in miniseries category at 2011 Drama Awards that was held at MBC Ilsan Dream Center at 9:55 p.m that day. He attracted attention because he swiftly went and came from the Drama Awards despite his injury.

Lee Hwi Jae, Jeon Hyun Moo and Park Sa Im emceed the Song Festival, and 21 groups including SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), 2PM, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Davichi, Secret, and Sistar appeared and performed at the event.