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B2ST love their fans!: “Gifts for B2ST fans”

B2ST have shown affection for their fans.

A picture of a gift for B2ST fans from a B2ST member, taken when the group was performing “Fiction,” has been uploaded on an online community board. The picture shows soda cans with some stickers on.

The stickers show Du Jun’s pictures and read, “Hello, Beauty! It is hot, isn’t it? This is from Mr. Yoon!” The “Beauty” here is the name of B2ST’s official fan club.

This isn’t the only one. On January 17, Yo Seop uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “This is the completed one! You want to have this, don’t you? Don’t you really want this? By the way, how should I name this? You know, something like Ppiyogun or Kkudakgun.”

The picture shows a slogan design for B2ST fans. With cute pictures, the slogan reads, “B2ST is the best! Beauty is the best!” This received an enthusiastic response when it was released.

People responded: “It looks like B2ST really love their fans,” “Wow, this should be the only group that shows affection for their fans,” “I’ve seen many fans giving gifts to their idol groups, but I’ve never seen an idol group giving gifts to their fans.”