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B2ST’s “Mystery” music video ranks first on Chinese chart

B2ST’s special music video for their song “Mystery” recently ranked first on one of the biggest Chinese music video sites.

The song is from the group’s debut album, which was released two years ago. B2ST made a special music video for the song to play during their concert, ‘Beautiful Show.’

The special music video ranked first on the Korea V chart from one of the biggest Chinese music sites. The group showed off their high popularity among other K-pop singers.

The music video features the members with a variety of special effects. After the video played at the group’s concert, many fans requested they release it online. As a result, B2ST pre-released the special music video on February 14, Valentines Day.

Since the special music video, which ranked first in China, was just made specifically for their concerts, ‘Beautiful Show in Shanghai,’ the group’s first exclusive concert in China, which will be held on this coming weekend, is getting a lot of attention.

B2ST held concerts in Seoul and Berlin and they will hold their third ‘Beautiful Show’ in Shanghai, China, on February 25.