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BEAST Impresses With A Beautiful Show!

Kpop idol group BEAST filled the saturday night with a Beautiful Show, one that will remain etched in every b2uty’s memory. No longer a stranger to Singapore, BEAST returns to this sunny island for the fifth time(says a lot about their hot popularity here).

The concert opened with hit tracks; Special, Soom, and Shock. A perfect combo to get the atmosphere all heated and pumped up. With a total of 24 songs, BEAST showcased their vocal talents and amazing choreography on stage.

Not only that, they also performed special solo/duet stages. It would have been a pleasant surprise if Hyunseung got to some Trouble on stage with partner Hyuna.

Yoseob and Junhyung paired up and showed their gratitude to fans with the song “Thanks to“. Rapper Junhyung confessed that he was not good at expressing his feelings and the song allowed him to show his thanks and love to b2uties. He was then persuaded to openly say “i love you” by cheeky Yoseob, definitely a treat for all fans.

The double-D duo Dongwoon and Doojoon performed their duet ballad track “When The Door Closes“.

Just like the ‘Oasis girl‘, this time too a lucky fan was picked and serenaded by all 6 boys. The lucky girl in green was showered with gifts which included balloons, flowers and a soft toy. Through out the whole song “You“, the boys surrounded her, gave her hugs and took a group picture, re-enacting a perfect date.

Although jealousy was emanating from every corner of the audience, the level of enthusiasm and love from the fans did not get any lesser. Being the gentleman idols that they are, the boys gave out red roses to the rest of the audience.

Kikwang shared his idea of a perfect date; spending the day at Clarke Quay and having chilli crab for dinner. Doojoon chose the Singapore Flyer, and was teased for having a fear of heights. But he tactfully said that with so many girl friends with him, he is no longer afraid.

All good things come an end eventually. A saddening fact. Nontheless, Beautiful Show 2012 in Singapore ended on a high note, and the boys promised to come back with more fabulous performances!

Personal review note: The concert was definitely a thumbs up, a must-watch on any fangirl’s list. Only grouse was the level of fan-service which was not as equal as the concerts in their previous pitstops. Despite Singapore being an ultra sunny and hot country, the boys(Kikwang and Dongwoon) sadly did not show any skin. The lightings and effects were great in creating the concert atmosphere, but the stage could have been better/ include more props. Nontheless, their vocals and powerful choreography left a deep impression, making one crave for more.

Here is our previously reported press conference coverage, if you have yet to read. Enjoy the short video snippet below!

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We would like to thank organizer Bling Entertainment for the kind invitation to the concert and kudos on its success! Follow them on facebook and twitter for more exclusive photos of the concert and upcoming events!