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Comedians parody Trouble Maker: “Stomach Trouble Maker!”

Comedian Kim Shin Young, a queen of parody, parodied Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker” with comedian Kim Mi Ryeo. They got laughs by rewriting the lyrics to “Trouble Maker” as “Stomach Trouble Maker.”

In the episode of MBC TV’s Sebakwi that aired on January 21, Kim Shin Young and Kim Mi Ryeo’s Stomach Trouble Maker perform their parody song for the segment of Family Karaoke.

Trouble Maker is a unit group formed by B2ST’s Hyun Seung and 4Minute’s Hyun Ah. Kim Shin Young parodies Hyun Ah and Kim Mi Ryeo parodies Hyun Seung.

With new lyrics to “Trouble Maker” with a theme of “stomach trouble,” they perfectly parody Trouble Maker’s fake kissing performance and choreography.

They especially get a laugh with the humorous lyrics Kim Shin Young wrote, which say, “The milk that I had when I was hungry. Stomach trouble maker. The spicy chicken that I had. Stomach trouble maker” and “I get exhausted as time goes by. I go crazy because I want to go to the bathroom.”

Kim Shin Young and Kim Mi Ryeo also become the envy of other female guests as they have become skinnier than ever before. Kim Shin Young, who has recently lost weight, shows her legs and says, “I think it will be possible to expose my other body parts on this Chuseok.”

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