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Gi Kwang says, “I broke up with my girlfriend because she cheated on me.”

In an episode of SBS’s Night After Night: Battle of the Sexes, Gi Kwang confessed that he broke up with his girlfriend because she cheated on him.

He explained, “She set a password on her cell phone and wouldn’t answer whenever a certain person called. I became suspicious, so I went over to her house one day and found her with another guy in front of the house.”

When asked, “Wasn’t it heartbreaking?” he answered, “Yes, she broke my heart. I just left them and stopped contacting her after watching them from a distance.”

In the recording, Gi Kwan revealed, “My ex-girlfriends found me to be very boring.” He attracted attention by talking about his style of dating, and his ex-girlfriends’ incomprehensible behavior.

In this episode, Gi Kwang and Yong Hwa reveal how young singers’ behavior changes when their with someone of the opposite sex.

Source Nate by Ilnung