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Lizzy and Du Jun hugs in ‘All my love’

Lizzy, in her dreams, hugged Du Jun.

On All my love which was aired on the 25th, Lizzy’s dream was shown. Even though Du Jun does not love her in reality, Lizzy dreamed of becoming his girlfriend.

Lizzy to make sure Du Jun does not catch a cold from her, she decides to spend a day at the academy. Even her cold worsened as she slept on the floor, she imagined Du Jun’s warm welcome and a hug.

However, things were very different in reality. Du Jun did not even notice her absence. She was frustrated greatly and leaves the room quickly. She tells herself, “maybe effort is not enough to be loved by another.”

When Woojin said to Du Jun, “why did you do that? You knew everything.” Du Jun said, “I have no feelings for her and I didn’t want to feel she has false hope.”

Source Nate by Ye Sul