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STAR EVENT:https://www.facebook.com/events/496263663722431/

BDAY EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/428131810543127/


1.) New Jersey & Los Angeles – Glow in the dark stars (SONG: AT MONSTER)

All VIPs from across the world are asked to participate in a BIGBANG concert fan event.
The idea is simple – create a 20 x 20 inch star (for example, like this one:

the front should contain the word “FIGHTING” while the back contains a personal message from you to the boys. All stars are all supposed to be unique and light up by painting it with either neon colors or glow in the dark paint. The stars are supposed to be held up throughout the song “Monster”. After the song we will try to pass the stars towards the stage, if you are not able to do that, please remain patient until the concert is over and drop the star off closest to the stage. This event is supposed to show that even after all that has happened, we are still standing as one strong unit, showing our love and support for our 5 Kings!

Instructions on how to make the star:


2.) New Jersey & Los Angeles – Happy Birthday for TOP (SONG: AFTER HANDS UP – or if set list changed after the third song)

On the 3rd and 9th of November Los Angeles and New Jersey will be singing happy birthday to TOP in English, after the third song, which should be “Hands Up”. If the song changes it will still take place after the third song! Nia was so nice to record the birthday song for us, so people will know how to pronounce Top-sshi!
Here the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF6r1hAzosc&feature=player_embedded

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear TOP-SSHI
Happy Birthday to you

TOP-sshi (top-sshi): Since TOP likes formality, he would truly appreciate being addressed in a more respectful way. Also, since the song is in the context of a public concert, it would be most appropriate to call him by his stage name rather than his personal name. He even mentioned once that he wants a division between his stage life and personal life, and it would be somewhat disrespectful to use his personal name in that kind of setting. Since it’s their first concert here, we want to leave an impression of being a polite (but energetic) audience that they would love to return to!

2.1) New Jersey & Los Angeles – MINI B-Day Banners

The banner is a 28in long by 5in wide with the words “HAPPY B-DAY T.O.P.”.
The banner itself is BLACK WITH NEON PINK color lettering and a YELLOW crown.
Here are the instruction, materials, and stencils on how to make the banner.

And here you can see the banner made through a photoshop program, so that you get a slight idea of how it will look like! :)

The banners will be held up once we start singing happy birthday!

3.) New Jersey – T.O.P.’s encore chant for BIG BOY (SONG: AFTER HARU HARU IN FINAL BREAK)

Since TOP does not have a solo in the current set list and we would like to hear one, we want to call for an encore chant, by chanting a fan chant! All V.I.P.s attending the New Jersey concert on the 9th of November 2012 were asked to come up with a chant for “Big Boy”. The chant will be chanted after the last song, which according to the latest set list is “Haru Haru”.

Who’s a B-A-D, Big Bang the big boy?
T-O-P , T-O-P (shout)

Here the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSJjQGv_c_4

4.) Los Angeles – T.O.P.’s encore chant for TURN IT UP (SONG: AFTER HARU HARU IN FINAL BREAK)

Since T.O.P. does not have a solo in the current set list and we would love one, we want to call for an encore by chanting a chant. The L.A. V.I.P.s were asked to come up with a chant for “Turn It Up”. The chant will be chanted after Haru Haru during the 4th break. We increase our possibilities by chanting it there instead of the end.

The encore chants submission period has ended and the top three chants were posted on a poll for everyone to vote on. I want to thank all the V.I.P.s who submitted a chant. On behalf of all the hosts I would like to thank Amanda Colleen for helping us with the chants and Nia Aziz for recording them. =) Girls Fighting!!!

After a week long poll “Sa-rang-hae-yo, T-O-P, Turn it up loud, Turn it up loud” won.

Here is the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfC2an8rcM0&list=PL5D7989380CD4F835&index=1&feature=plpp_video

4.1) Los Angeles – L.A. Chant
Our goal was to come up with a unique/tailored chant for our concert.The L.A. chant will be chanted before the concert, during every break, and during any long pauses in the concert. ! =) I want to thank Nia Aziz, Amanda Colleen, Jaebok Kim, Hwie Her, and Amber Seang for helping me with the chants. =)

After a week long poll “L-A V-I-Ps Big-Bang Sa-rang-hae” won.

Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdHx43rAG1o&list=PL5D7989380CD4F835&index=3&feature=plpp_video

5.) New Jersey – Big Bang Flash Mob

‘I Love Dance’ will be hosting a Big Bang Flash mob at the Prudential Center on the 9th of November. MJ Choi emailed me a couple of information that I want to share with you. So far she decided on the song list, i can’t tell to 100% if she is set on it, but I would kindly ask everyone to respect the choices since she knows best what she needs in order to make it happen!

The songs she sent me are:
Lies – Haru Haru – Last Farewell – Tonight – Bad Boy – Fantastic Baby!

Planned for the 9th of September 2012:
- Dance Tutorial videos will be uploaded to the ‘I Love Dance” Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ILoveKPOPDance

- The edited and cut version of the songs will be uploaded to http://www.mediafire.com/
A separated Facebook event page will be created by ‘I Love Dance’

check for updates: https://www.facebook.com/ilovekoreanhiphopdance

‘I Love Dance’ will also host a workshop:
Date: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
Time: 4pm-6pm & 6pm-8pm
Location: DANY Studios
305 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
Instructor: MJ Choi from I LOVE DANCE
Fee: $30 / Each Session (2 hour class)
Note: Workshop is not mandatory
It will be first come first serve


6.) New Jersey & Los Angeles – T.O.P. Birthday Banners

We are preparing a 10 ft. long x 3 ft. happy birthday for TOP banner, which will be available to sign by the fans prior to the concert. We hope that one of the staff members from Big Bang can pick it up 30 minutes prior to the concert and personally give it to him.


7.) New Jersey & Los Angeles – Fan designed T-Shirts

Then we set up a non-profit T-shirt store with self-designed fan shirts, the font is glow in the dark as well, to match our main theme. It is available in different colors for men and women and has either the LA or NJ as location on the back.
Here the link to our store: http://replayreplay.spreadshirt.com/bigbang-alive-tour-shirts-C117203


EVENT CONTEST – “Dress Like BigBang Contest”

Good News! Someone offered to sponsor our event. The prize for the Winner is a BigBang Charm of your choice from “Flying Panda Girl” you can find her store here

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FlyingPandaGirl/190381789882?ref=hl

his contest is international =) Anyone in the world can participate and win the prize. =)

We all love our BigBang boys and might have a bias for T.O.P., G-dragon, Daesung, maybe Taeyung, or Seungri.
We would love it if everyone participated. It’ll be a great way to share our love for the boys, express our creativity, and make those months fly by while we wait for their concerts in L.A. /N.J.

Here are the rules:
1. You have to choose one member from BigBang.

2. Pick your favorite look. It can be any style from their debut up until the present.

3. Dress up! Be creative and show us the boy’s swag, cuteness, sexiness etc…

4. Upload a picture of your costume on the L.A. V.I.P. group see the link below. Write on the description box which member you picked and where you are joining us from. The picture can be full body or partial. No group pictures allowed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/

5. Photoshop is NOT allowed. Work it! Instead =)

6. Only one entry per BigBang member is allowed up to five entries per V.I.P.

7. There is no age limit, but we would like to emphasize that we must keep the pictures age appropriate.

8. The hosts will vote for the T.O.P. six pictures and post a poll for everyone to vote on.

9. No photo bashing, or hurtful words will be tolerated in the comments section of the pictures uploaded.

10. The deadline to submit a photo is Saturday October 6th, 2012 at 10 pm (PMT)

11. Winner will receive a BigBang handmade charm of their choice from Flying Panda Girl (link to the store is on top of the page). In addition the winner’s picture will be uploaded to the L.A. Event page as the default picture for a week. =)

If there are any further questions regarding this mini event please post those on the event post. Thank You and Have Fun!!!=)


Concurso! “Vistete Como BigBang” en español: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/274158716022092/

*This contest is open to anyone and everyone. You can find Flying Panda Girl’s Facebook above. If anyone else is interested in sponsoring our contest please send Mirella a private message. Fighting!!!