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Big Bang Daesung Grants A Father’s Wish For Her Daugther

Big Bang Daesung visited a critically ill young girl in a hospital just recently as it was requested by the child.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation wasn’t able to organize the meeting but with the father’s courage and high hopes, he created a letter to Daesung’s message board (DCDS). And this letter happened to be relayed to Daesung and the next day he visited the young girl to grant her wish.

The brave father’s heartfelt letter to Daesung read:

“I was just searching the internet and eventually found my way here.
In order to fulfill the final wish of my daughter, who is in her second year of middle school, I will throw down all my dignity and write this post.

Last December my daughter was diagnosed with Acute Basophilic Leukemia. She received chemotherapy for the first stage of her treatment, but there were no suitable bone marrow donors for my child so they couldn’t perform the bone marrow transplant.
She has been continually receiving chemotherapy instead.
However, in October she had a relapse and had to be admitted to hospital again. During chemotherapy her condition worsened, and so they had to give up on chemotherapy.
Now the only thing left to save her is a miracle. However, I wonder if there even is a miracle for a disease so serious.

High amounts of antibiotics and anti-microbial agents are being prescribed and transfused into her blood, but her life is as weak as a lamp in the wind.
It breaks my heart.
The amount of tears I have cried by myself couldn’t be matched for the rest of my life.
As I write this now I’m blinded by my tears.

I can’t explain in words how much it hurts to know that my one and only precious daughter can’t live much longer.
It’s pitiful, that as a father, the only thing I can do is write this post for my daughter.

There is only one reason I am writing this post here right now.
My daughter was always a fan of Big Bang’s Dasesung, and in the recent event for Leukemia patients from the Make-A-Wish foundation she wanted to meet Daesung, but unfortunately she wasn’t chosen. I leave this post in order to fulfill the final wish of my daughter.

My daughter Jung Eun is currently admitted to room 146 of Asan Hospital.
I know that the end of the year is a very busy time, but if by any chance Daesung sees this post and fulfills my daughter’s final wish, I will owe a debt of gratitude.
My email address is ———”

And also legit source posted on his me2day:

“Big Bang’s Daesung visited Asan Hospital, and it seems like Jinusean’s Sean came with him. He signed autographs for everyone that asked.”

Also, the girl in the picture isn’t Jung Eun. According to the person who uploaded the picture, Jung Eun is in a critical condition so she’s in an aseptic room. This picture was taken with someone else after Daesung met Jung Eun.”

All prayers for that girl. Hope she get well soon!

Source: DCDS, strpns@me2day

Posted by:sukira@dkpopnews.net

Source: Daily K Pop News