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G-Dragon’s Everyday Tattoo Fashion [NEWS/PHOTO] Part 1

“Are you wathing, Donnie?” …GD, his ordinary tattoo style.
“Fire hair,  seaweed hair, gore fashion…”
Group ‘Big Bang’ has always received public  attention. It is fun not  only to listen to their new music, but also to watch  their new style.  Among others, G-Dragon is the fashion icon of Bigbang. He is  considered  best fashionista in Idols. The clothes which he wore, the shoes on  which he put have always been major issues. Then how about his style in daily  life? Expectably, STYLISH~
The pants covered his knee, the high socks with star pattern. Who would dare to  try wearing these style? At the beginning of June, this was him on Rodeo  street in Apgujeong. It’s a  place where hot people go. Most people just can’t  attract other people’s  attention. Of course, G-Dragon, can. His unique fashion,  can.
That day, G-Dragon’s fashion was ‘funky’. His pants struck the eye of many  people. Long-short black pants with white cross stripes on the  upper part and  high socks with white star pattern. No one could try  wearing these style except  for GD.
But the point of that day was his tattoos. He had letterings on  his both arms. On his right arm, he also had heart tattoo by Keith Harig who  was a (graffiti) artist. And there was dragon ball on his left shoulder. It  means his name, G-Dragon.