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[PRESS] Netizens on Seungri’s old audition video, “Who are you?”

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The episode of Mnet ‘Superstar K3′ which was aired on 26th started with the story of a judge, Kim Wan Sun. She told us about her judging experience in an audition programme, ‘Battle Shinwa’ in 2005.

She said, ‘ the nature of “Superstar K3′ is as same as that of ‘Battle Shinwa’. My friends, like G.NA, Brown Eyes Girls’Gain and Seungri of Big Bang all have participated in this programme before. ‘

Instead of sexy and attractive, G.NA had a different look in the past. On the other hand, Gain did not wear her trademark dark eyelines in the past either which enables us to feel her pure charm. Seungri was skinny and wearing a pair of glasses when he did the audition.

Kim Wan Sun recalled her stories with these 3 artists and said, ‘I am thankful to them.’ After seeing the old video clips of the artists, netizens commented, ‘ who are you?’ , ‘you look really different now.’ ‘you have changed a lot ever since the audition’, etc.

now sexy hey . lol