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[NEWS] YOU & I Interview with BIGBANG (Translation) Complete

Emcees’ introduction followed by performance of 2011′s hit song ‘Tonight’

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Jung: Hello, everyone!

Lee: Hello, everyone!

Jung: Hi, I’m Jung Jae-Hyung.

Lee: I’m Hyo-ri, nice to meet you all.

Jung: It’s the 4th recording for the day, isn’t it?

Lee: Yes, it is.

Jung: The guests today can be described as most dazzling.

Lee: This program has been aired three times. What was the reaction of the people around you, Mr Jung?

Jung: My mom said she hate seeing me laugh all the time and asked why I kept saying ‘woo, woo, woo…’ whenever I asked questions. How about you? Did you hear anything unusual?

Lee: For me it’s ‘beautiful’, ‘very beautiful’.

Jung: That goes without saying.

Lee: And they said Mr Jung who stood beside me was suave.

Jung: Well, the conversation today went well.

Lee: You have a new haircut today. It’s really eye-catching.

Jung: Well, I did try to dress up a little today.

Lee: Men don’t normally wear clothes like yours. Not easy to ‘digest’ (pull off, gain acceptance).

Jung: Neither do women dress up the way you do.

Lee: Yes, you’re right. The theme for my fashion today is this (emphasizing her chest with her finger). Isn’t there a saying, “Less is more?” Rather than show everything, it’s better to reveal partially.

Jung: How could you say such things? That’s too much~

Lee: The special guests started off as idols and slowly rose to attain iconic status. Today a special stage proposal was made for the program, You & I. We invited BIGBANG to our studio. Please come on stage.

Jung: Getting ready.

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BIGBANG performed their first smash hit in 2012 ‘Blue’

<You & I – BIGBANG Interview Part 1>

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~On Daesung’s Encounter with Jung Jae-Hyung~

Lee: Ah, BIGBANG, welcome. It’s nice to meet you!

BIGBANG: Nice to meet you~

Jung: The performance was so great!

Lee: By the way, have you ever met BIGBANG fellows previously, Jae-Hyung?

Jung: Oh, I’ve met GD… And Daesung…

Lee: Ah, at the Infinite Challenge.

Jung: And Daesung…

Lee: You’ve met Daesung when I introduced him to you.

Jung: Yes.

Lee: Daesung have been to some concerts, I’ve heard.

Daesung: Oh, (concerts) of Jae-Hyung? Yes, what was it? The Embarrassment… The Great Embarrassment Show.

Lee: Great Embarrassment, (it was) The Great Disappointment Show! What on earth is that?!

Daesung: The Great Disappointment Show. I’m sorry, I apologize. I went to watch the Great Embarrassment Show and the hat was really big, the black object (the hat) was so big I was wondering what it was … Then when he opened the hat, there was some flower, a big one the size of a face. It was supposed to be funny but in that situation, it was not really funny…and was a bit…awkward.

Lee: A situation where you’d go ‘oh, oh, what’s this?’

Daesung: Yes, so I thought that… ‘ah… this Hyung still lacks sense…’

Jung: You said I was the most handsome then!

Daesung: Ah, but that was when I did not know you well.

Lee: So did you win the award then? Since you didn’t want to be a disappointment?

Jung: No, I was the first!

Lee: First!

Jung: I should win a first when I put on a flower on my head.

Lee: Oh, really?

Jung: I played the piano with a flower!

Jung: Next, I’ve met Seungri once in the past…

Seungri: Yes, we’ve met…

Lee: Where?

Jung: Ah, somewhere…

Lee: Where, where? Why couldn’t you tell?

Jung: I can’t say because it was a private party.

Lee: I’ve heard a rumor that Seungri often goes to parties like that without the members knowing…

Seungri: Nothing like that… It was the birthday party of TOP-Hyung here.

Jung: That’s right, that’s right.

Lee: Ah~

Seungri: I was together with him at the birthday party.

Lee: I see.

Lee: You even had performances with me but it has been a while since we met.

Jung: And how was Hyo-ri, Mr. BIGBANG (BIGBANG-ssi)? I’ve seen her lots of times, Mr. BIGBANG.

Lee: My, where’s Mr. BIGBANG?

Daesung: My, your emceeing is still…

Jung: No, after having two consecutive blows, I’m now a little bit…

Lee: Last week, you called Shin-Chi-Rim ‘Mr. Shin-Chi-Rim! Mr. Shin-Chi-Rim…’

~On Their Collaborations with Lee Hyo-ri~

Jung: Oh, because today I came after running a lot… How was the Hyo-ri BIGBANG saw?

Daesung: She’s the best ‘on stage’ (giving an impression of ‘only’).

Lee: Then?

Jung: That comment is very…

Lee: Your words are short?*

(*Translator’s note: Saying you’re being rude, because in Korean, polite form is usually longer than casual form of the language. But Lee said it in a humorous way ^^)

Daesung: It’s not like…

Seungri: There was a time when we did a collabo (collaboration) stage together at a large-scaled awards ceremony.

Lee: Yes.

Seungri: I wasn’t able to find Hyo-ri at the practice room. So I went ‘hmm, where did she go?’ and she was at the corner sitting like this, this (squatting down). (She said) ‘Ah, Seungri came?’ like this. Really, really easy-going, just like some Nuna living in the same village*…

(*Translator’s note: meaning just like some person you encounter everyday)

Lee: You didn’t look that good either, remember? Can’t you remember your pathetic looks then?

Daesung: In winter, everyone can recognize her if she wears the long-padding… you know the long-padding that she’s been wearing for a century, that football player long-padding. So I go ‘oh, isn’t that Nuna?’ when I see the long-padding on the streets.

Lee: True, everyone recognizes me if I wear it.

Jung: Can recognize her by long-padding and Sun-Shim-I… (Lee’s pet dog)

Lee: I know~

Jung: So Lee Hyo-ri did a performance at an awards ceremony together with BIGBANG. So in the event that you are doing a duet with Lee Hyo-ri, what kind of duet would be possible?

Daesung: For me, I did a duet once…

Jung: You did.

Daesung: We did a duet and wow, her voice was so nice and unexpected.

Lee: Unexpected?

Daesung: No, but always…

Lee: You’ve grown up a lot?

Daesung: Nothing like it, nothing like it, just compared to what I thought previously…

Jung: Yes…

Daesung: No, I, my voice is a bit like ‘that’…

Lee: Arrange and try saying it in an easier way. Say it clearly.

Jung: Wow, Daesung’s being provocative now now, even I see it.

Daesung: I’ll try explaining once more neatly. It was then, yes, Hyo-ri really called me all of a sudden, suggesting a duet. So I thought, would Nuna’s voice blend well with my raspy voice, and our voices really went well together, without a doubt. A really nice song called ‘How Did We Get’ was made.

Lee: We did a really nice song but that one was suspected for plagiarism so after that… yes…

Jung: Ah, so after that…

Lee: Wasn’t able to sing it.

Jung: Ah, such a case…

Lee: Yes, it’s a song with a sad history.

Jung: I had again…

Lee: But we can sing it next time now that all the copyright issues have been resolved.

Daesung: I see.

Lee: Yes, we can sing it now.

Daesung: Then at some time…

Lee: Yes, let’s sing it even during karaoke some time.

Daesung: Yes, even a karaoke… yes, yes, yes.

Lee: Let’s do so.

~On their World Tour~

Lee: Now BIGBANG is popular not only in Korea.

Jung: Yes, true.

Lee: Are really very popular in overseas too.

Jung: And heard that you’re having a world tour.

GD: Yes, we’ve now finished the world tour in Seoul, and will go around Japan, Asia, then overseas (other than Asia).

Lee: Wow, you’re going around the world?

GD: Yes, about 16 countries, 35 cities.

Lee: Wow, really? The band behind looked very cool when I looked at the stage just now.

GD: Yes.

Lee: Yes… Er, they are resting now but… (have to disrupt their rest).

GD: Oh, everyone is really good, talented and a genius! All of them.

Lee: Ever since they were young?

GD: Yes.

Seungri: They don’t look like they are, but they are all young. About our age.

Taeyang: Really.

GD: They look young as well.

Lee: How old is the youngest member?

Taeyang: Base…

Lee: Base?

GD: Yes, 22 years old.

Seungri: Oh, my Base!

Lee: What’s my Base~?

Seungri: My Base…

Jung: Who does the communication? Who’s the one in charge of it?

GD: There’re interpreters but we still try to communicate by ourselves even though our English is limited.

Jung: Music, music is difficult to talk about.

Lee: Daesung, Daesung must be especially quite amongst.

Daesung: What do you think about our music?

Lee: Really curious about that.

Jung: Yes.

Lee: How did they feel when they first heard BIGBANG music? Could you interpret this question in English?

GD: We?

Jung: Yes.

GD: Isn’t it a bit too much?*

(*Translator’s note: meaning too challenging)

Seungri: I’ll go!

Lee: As expected! Seungri, please do the interpretation, since you are going towards the band!

Seungri: Are you guys…. everything’s ok?

Jung: By the way…

Lee: How is it that Seungri hasn’t changed at all?

Seungri: I’m always the same! Please speak, I’ll interpret.

Lee: Yes, yes. How did they feel when they first listened to BIGBANG’s music?

Daesung: Do it with your mic!

Band member: I loved it, I started dancing immediately.

Seungri:  Er, he says, he danced automatically and enjoyed it, when he first listened to BIGBANG’s music.

Lee: Oh, immediately~

Seungri: Didn’t all of you here feel the same way?

Jung: So you are leaving for the world tour soon, and when you perform for such a long time together…

Lee: It’s getting long…

Jung: Please ask them how would they feel.

Seungri: When they leave for world tour with us…?

Lee: The feelings~

Jung: You always put down your mic when you interpret.

Lee: Goes to ‘mute’ for a moment.

Band member: It’s, it’s unlike any tour we’ve ever been a part of and we love the it and the fans. It’s amazing.

Seungri: He feels honored as BIGBANG’s fans are looking forward to the world tour that they are doing together with us.

Lee: Yes, thank you~

Seungri: Thank you! I love you, I love you!

   <You & I – BIGBANG Interview Part 2>

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~On Poll Results~

Lee: BIGBANG won a lot of awards after debut I heard and you topped many polls in particular. I’ve researched on them individually. Firstly, G-Dragon for attaining the 1st position in the poll, ‘Idol Singer whom I Wish Could Write the School Song’.

Jung: And TOP…

Lee: They want a G-Dragon religion, right?

Jung: Um… Have you ever tried something like it?

GD: No, I’ve never written a school song.

Lee: No~ not a school song but something like G-Dragon religion*.

(*Translator’s note: School song is called Gyo-Ga in Korean whereas religion is called GyoGa can be used as a particle.)

GD: Ah~ is there such a thing?

Jung:  It really isn’t religion …

Lee: It’s not?

Jung: We’re sorry, we’re sorry and…

Lee: I thought it really means that (religion)!

Jung: Hyo-ri has been talking too much with animals lately …

Lee: But it fits somewhat, with GD’s appearance now and saying, “worship me…”

Jung: Just now in the holding room you said his hair looked as if it had been dipped in kimchi soup!

Jung: Ah, we’re sorry and…

Lee: Next!

Jung: TOP ranks first for “Idol who is best suited for the Grim Reaper Look”.

Lee: It must be due to the thick eyeliner, isn’t it? But last time I checked, you didn’t really do smoky-eye makeup.

TOP: Yes, we just do makeup the natural way…

Lee: Heard that your eyes naturally looked that way.

TOP: Yes, naturally…

Lee: TOP doesn’t draw eyeliners very much…

Jung: All handsome people don’t. Neither do I ~

Lee: But Daesung draws a lot~ 3cm! He’s really crazy over eyeliners!

Jung: It suits him…

Daesung: I don’t go out without applying eyeliners.

Lee: You apply eyeliners even when you go to the supermarket?

Daesung: I’m thinking of having an eyeliner tattoo; a tattoo for a life time.

Lee: How about Seungri, do you have any poll that you topped?

Jung: Taeyang doesn’t have any either.

Taeyang: Don’t have anything I topped…

Lee: Nothing that you remember?

Taeyang: Oh, I had one recently, “Idol who seems to be stuck home alone during Christmas “.

Lee: So, why are you always stuck at home, Taeyang?

Taeyang: I enjoy being at home. And there’s a member who’s always stuck at home with me.

Lee: Somehow, I don’t think their teenage years have been very smooth.

Jung: Those years must have really been competitive…

GD: I think during our teens, all we could remember was ‘survival’.

~On Growth & Seungri’s ‘indecent’ comment~

Jung: I see. Are there any comforting words that you’d like to tell yourself when you were a teenager?

GD: I think it’s important to listen to your parents no matter what. Stay at home… and drink milk.

Lee: Drink milk~

GD: Don’t skip meals…

Seungri: And I think it’s a must to drink milk, especially when you’re in your teens.

GD: Such, such things…

Lee: Something to do with growth!

Taeyang: It’s because we were at a stage when we really should have been eating and sleeping a lot but didn’t have the luxury. We didn’t exactly get to eat a lot and didn’t sleep when it was time to do so, often sleeping at dawn…

Lee: Should’ve slept more when your growth plates were still open.

Taeyang: We grew our passion instead of focusing on our height.

Jung: Wow, Taeyang is really sensible!

Lee: No, not, but I think it’ll be quite awkward if BIGBANG’s really tall and stuff. Being the way you are suit you better!

Seungri: Well, there’s a saying “Small chillies are spicy*.”

(*Translator’s note: Meaning “Never underestimate a little man.” In Korean, it’s “Jak-Eun Go-Chu-Ga Mab-Da.”)

Lee: Oh, what an indecent phrase…

Seungri: Oh my! Why do you think of it that way?

Lee: How could you say something so indecent on air?!

Seungri: No, why should you think of it that way?!

Jung: Sorry, today Hyo-ri’s a bit…

Lee: (How could you say such a thing) To a Nuna, tsk.

Lee: But really, BIGBANG isn’t tall like some of the others but look at how stylish they are!

Jung:  Oh my, what are you trying to say? Oh, we’re sorry!

Lee: Oh, so be it! And let’s…! Ok, come! We still have a lot more to go!

~On dating and getting the attention of their ideal types~

Jung: Do you know of one another’s dating affairs?

Lee: You should know.

Jung: So, how do you all date?

TOP: None of us have a date right now.

Lee: Oh, really?

TOP: Yes.

Lee: You all really don’t have girlfriends now?

TOP: Really, we don’t.

Lee: Phew, it’s a pity to see such handsome guys not dating. Then again, when you were younger, you were probably too shy to speak to her even if there was someone you liked. What about now? If there’s someone you really like, what would you do?

Jung: What do you think you’d do?

~GD’s style~ 

Lee: How about Jiyong?

GD: I think I would take the active approach.

Jung: Then if there’s a pretty woman like Hyo-ri … I think everyone’s different and has different ways to charm a girl.

Lee: Seungri’s eyes twinkled~! With an expression that says, “I’m confident in this”~

Jung: Can we see their skills of charming a girl once? Here on the show?

Lee: Jiyong, if the girl’s in front of you. No, let’s say she’s a celebrity.

Jung: Oh, celebrity and celebrity!

Taeyang: That’s very nice!

GD: What’s very nice?

Taeyang: It’s realistic.

Lee: Yes, it’s realistic! So a celebrity and you are walking across each other.

Taeyang: Oh, I really like it.

Lee: She’s going down the stage after performance.

GD: For me…

Lee: Oh, it’s hot!

GD: Thank you for your effort. I normally greet like this and go.

Lee: Yes, yes, thank you for your effort as well.

Jung: Wow, that looks cool.

Lee: His eyes looking at me…

Jung: When you’re standing, you look like an aunt (older woman) somewhat.

Lee: I look like an aunt. I think I have chosen the wrong hairstyle today.

~Daesung’s style~ 

Jung: And now Daesung.

Daesung: In my case, it’s a short moment.

Lee: Yes, a very short moment, that’s very important.

Daesung: So I can’t say many lines. I should establish an impact with just one line. So I’m passing by…

Lee: Yes, yes.

Daesung: It’s my first time.

Lee: What ‘first time’? What, what? What ‘first time’?

Daesung: Look, look, look at this reaction!

Lee: Wait! You said “It’s my first time” so I…

Daesung: Look! You automatically responded with “what?”

Jung: Let’s see it once more! It’s brilliant acting skill.

Lee: Come out!

Daesung: So I’ll go this way. It’s my first time.

Lee: What? Daesung?

Daesung: (draws a “V” without saying a word) This way, the game’s over!

Lee: Oh, what’s that guy thinking? What’s this?

Daesung: Yes, then the game’s over.

Lee: It’s a bit like Seungri’s style.

Daesung: Ah…yes.

Lee: (To Seungri) Weren’t you the one preparing this and Daesung took away your chance?

~TOP’s style ~ 

Jung: We still have two more to go. How about TOP?

TOP: I’m always a bit timid when it comes to such stuff.

Lee: Wouldn’t TOP just kiss?

TOP: Oh~

Jung: Yes, the two of you did it once.

Lee: Yes, we did.

TOP: If it were me, when I’m passing by, I wouldn’t really dare to speak and…

Jung:  Please act it out!

TOP: As I pass by, I’ll put my cell phone into her hip pocket.

Lee: Then you’d have touched her hips!

TOP: Oh, then the front pocket…

Lee: The front pocket? It’s even weirder!

Lee: How do you put your hand into the front pocket of a woman whom you’ve just met at such a short time?!

TOP: No, maybe a jacket’s pocket or any pocket. She may call when she finds the phone.

GD: It sounds real.

~Taeyang’s style~ 

Jung: Just now, it was quite cool when you inserted the phone into the pocket. Wow, I should try that. How about Taeyang?

Taeyang: Actually, I’m really not good at these things.

GD: We know Taeyang. One look and we can tell if it’s something he does.

Taeyang: How, how?

Lee: Try first, Taeyang!

Taeyang: I honestly think I’d do this. So I’m passing by the girl. I need Seungri.

Jung: So two of you together.

Taeyang: Seungri, (I like) her…

Lee: Did he say “Seungri likes her more?”

GD: Seungri, (I like) her.

Lee: Oh, (I like) her!

Seungri: He’s asking me to get her number!

Lee: Oh, then Seungri would get the number for him?

Seungri: Yes, I do him a favor. Yeah, it works that way~

~TOP acting out Seungri’s style~ 

Lee: Ah~ that’s his style. A bit too shy to do it himself so Seungri does it on his behalf. That’s nice. How about Seungri? Seungri, are you ready?

Jung: Let’s think of a scenario.

Lee: Are you concentrating?

TOP: I think I can imitate how he does it.

Jung: Please demonstrate.

TOP: I’ll do it instead.

Lee: Then let’s see TOP first. TOP!

TOP: I can imitate exactly what he does!

Lee: Go on.

Seungri: Ah, the one I’m doing.

Lee: Thanks for your effort. Thanks for your effort. I feel so uncomfortable! Ah, so uneasy!

Seungri: Ay, when did I act this way? No, wait a minute. No, when did I?  How did I…!

Lee: Wow, that’s an uncomfortable, pressurizing gaze…

Jung: That was really nice to watch.

Lee: BIGBANG’s music is good, that’s without question. They are good on variety shows too.

Jung:  Yes, I know.

~On YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Seok~ 

Lee: Well, before you entered YG, you should’ve liked Taiji Boys. You must have been their fans, aren’t you?

So now, how’s Yang Hyun Seok? Rumour has it that he has changed a lot.

GD: Yes… Now he’s an angel.

Lee: Angel.

GD: Yang-angel.

Lee: He’s got “angel” as his new nickname?

GD: To the extent that I’m beginning to wonder if he’s the Hyun-Seok I know whenever I watch K-pop Star.

Lee: Recently, he always smiles and gives positive feedback.

GD: That was the first time I saw him smiling with so much kindness.

Seungri: He always talks in a really cold manner to us but not to the ones appearing on K-pop Star who’re younger.

Lee: Yes, true.

Seungri: He talks in a very kind manner, worried that they might get hurt. (In YG voice) Um… Do you think uncle (YG) will talk about you in a nice or bad way? In the end, I’m saying that you’ve improved a lot.

Lee: Sounds really similar.

Seungri: (still in YS’s voice) YG would cast you, though.

Jung: Really the best.

Lee: True.

~On BIGBANG’s forbidden photos~

Lee: I heard that there are ‘forbidden photos’ of BIGBANG. Something about them that would make you say ‘this photo is really forbidden, I wish it won’t be on air’.

Jung: Yes, heard that there are ‘forbidden photos’ and… Ah! On the screen now!

Lee: Daesung seems like he’s somewhat sick! Oh my, Jiyong. It’s quite cute actually.

Seungri: No hair in the nostrils.

Lee: Who’s that? Really?

Daesung: Producer, Producer!

Seungri: Wait a while, no!

Daesung: Producer~

Lee: Who’s that~

Seungri: oh no! My image~!

Lee: You must have been really tired, Seungri!

Seungri: Please, I’d rather you kill me!

Seungri: Ah, that’s cute! That’s cute! Please tell me I’m cute!

Lee: Yes, that’s cute, cute.

Seungri: Well, I have dark circles, yes, yes.

Lee: Daesung! Dae-ssica (Daesung+Jessica of SNSD).

Taeyang: Dae-ffany! (Daesung+Tiffany of SNSD).

Seungri: Hyo-Dae, Hyo-Dae! (Hyoyeon of SNSD+Daesung).

Lee: That’s funny, that’s funny. Stuff like these are really funny though one may not really like them, right?

Jung: Yes, that’s funny!

GD: When I was younger, I really didn’t like it but now I do.

Lee: Yes, yes. You must learn to keep your composure even when seeing those pictures since you’re so loved, aren’t you?

Jung: I felt a bit of pressure (about meeting BIGBANG) as I’m older and was quite worried about what I should do but felt really happy, and it was nice to see you all in a good mood.

Lee: Yes, thank you so much. And please continue with your cool performances.

BIGBANG: Thank you!

End of interview

YouTube Preview Image

BIGBANG performed Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby and Lies for closing

Photo and video credits: SBS, You & I

Translation credit: VIP Cellina and hikaruchan