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Ticketing website for Big Bang’s concert in Indonesia shuts down due to massive traffic [NEWS]

BIGBANG showed off their popularity in  Indonesia when the online ticket server for their Alive Tour concert in Jakarta  shut down 30 seconds after opening.
On October 13,  BIGBANG will be meeting local fans for the first time at Mata Elang  International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The booking for this concert started on June 9 at 10am (local time) through websites ticket.com and myticket.co.id. Tickets are now sold out on both sites.
Indonesian online  press Detik (www.detik.com) reported, “Tickets for BIGBANG’s 1st solo concert in  Indonesia are all sold out. They were sold out in 10 minutes at Ticket.com and  when Myticket was re-opened for booking, almost 50 thousand fans went to the  site which caused the server to shut down.”
A local representative said  that Myticket site restored their server at 2PM but all tickets were sold out  within less than an hour after re-opening.
Such remarkable popularity by  the group in the nation is all the more astounding considering the group has  never held any activities there before.
Regarding this, a representative  for YG Entertainment said, “As many fans were unable to purchase tickets due to  the extremely high competition in purchasing tickets we have been receiving  requests from Indonesia to add another concert date.”
The representative  however, did not state whether an additional date would be added.
Source: facebook.com/bigbang,  enewsworld.com

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