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[TWITTER] GQ Korea Editor tweets about Taeyang

#1: Talked to Youngbae-gun on the phone after 4 months. When I said 4 months had passed, he said he didn’t realize that it’s been that long. Talked about this and that. And then he asked, “Can I ask when are you going to release the book?” Of course he’s a celebrity, but without considering that, I don’t know any other person of his age who talks like him.

#2: And I don’t know any other person except Youngbae-gun who’ll send a text message saying he’ll call later in the evening because he’s outside skateboarding. Later that evening, he sent a text message again, “Is it okay to call you now?” I finished editing the 4-hour talk I had with him last spring that amounted to 28 pages. Early August!!

Translator’s Note: Jang Woo-cheol (GQ Korea editor) has been preparing to publish his own book and I’m guessing that it will contain an article about Taeyang and will probably be released early August. This is just my guess though.