• ~scent of a women k-drama——–>hurmmm what u think ?

  • RitsuTakano posted an update 3 years ago

    who watch the MV B.A.P WARRIOR ? PUT UR HANDS UP~ Wahhh energetic power and dance..AWESOME WEI!!!~ huhuu n why dont have the fan club hah hurmmmm so sad T_T

    • I love the song and the dance is DAEBAK !!
      yeah , I think so too ..why don’t have a fanclub for B.A.P
      They’re AMAZING love Bang Yong Guk ^^

    • -put my hands up-
      kyaaa~~ B.A.P daebak !!!

  • RitsuTakano posted an update 3 years ago

    ~time 2 k-drama (HEARTSTRINGS) :: YONG HWA (cn blue) & PARK SHIN HYE huhuu ;p but~KANG MIN HYUK~waaaaa make me feel wanna screaming!!! He’s so ccuuutteee loL @_@

  • ritsutakano posted an update from b2st 3 years ago

    Done watch video clip I KNEW IT B2ST BEAST~ Waargghh kiyopta dongwoon huhuu ;p n YoSeob voice always keep it in my mind! SARANGHAE OPPA ^__^