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‘Infinity Challenge’ producer tweets about Big Bang’s big success on the show

Producer Kim Tae Ho of MBC TV’s “Infinity Challenge” caused some buzz after he praised Big Bang for their appearance on his show.

On April 22nd, Kim Tae Ho tweeted, “‘Infinity Challenge’ and Big Bang’s big bang~! There is still much left to prepare. However, the staff and members of ‘Infinity Challenge’ truly thank you for working hard into the late night and for doing so well (the members are still in shock.. hehe)~! hehe”

In the uploaded picture, each Big Bang member personally signed the special edition album along with the comment, “Please listen to it well”. Big Bang gave the album as a gift to thank Kim Tae Ho after they shot “Infinity Challenge”.

Netizens commented, “They said~ listen to it well”, “I want to see ‘Infinity Challenge’ soon!”, and “I look forward to the meeting of Big Bang and ‘Infinity Challenge’~”

Source: TV Report via Nate