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Are We Expecting a BIGBANG Next Month?

Singapore – Last weekend, BIGBANG rocked Singapore EXPO’s roof with 7 songs, and fans went wild for their appearance. Many fans overseas came to join in the hype for Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 which ended a huge success. All the VIPs were mesmerized by their performance, and is thirsty for much more.

Just a few days later, #bigbangcomeback was on the top of TT (Trending Topics) on Twitter, which makes VIPs around the world changed their skeptical thoughts on the rumors of their comeback since early 2010.

The most amazing part about the power of BIGBANG was when the moment the tag was on the first in trending topics, renown pop singer Lady Gaga had her own trending hashtag #Gaga1Billion where one polite Gaga fan has asked Korena fans to ‘kindly make way for Lady Gaga’.  But sorry to say, the Hallyu music virus is spreading all around the world, and #Gaga1Billion couldn’t keep up being second rank in TT before the rank was taken by another trend topic, and still leaving #bigbangcomeback to be number one.

Wow, BIGBANG, you should be proud of yourself – you guys beat THE Lady Gaga!

Finally, back to the question – when is exactly BIGBANG making some noise? “Right now, the album is around 80% done and you might be able to find us around the middle of November,” states G-Dragon in a recent press meeting, “please patiently wait for us.” I hope you do keep your word, G-dragon, and we’ll see you next month!

Meanwhile, check out their photos from the recent Singapore concert in BIGBANG SINGAPORE VIP.

Written by Elizabeth Raisa / Associate Writer

First photo is courtesy of BBSGVIP