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Big Bang’s Taeyang says, “I want to be like Psy”

Big Bang’s Taeyang said Psy is the member of YG Family who he wants to resemble.

In the episode of SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang that aired on March 27, YG Entertianment singers made a guest appearance. The host asked the guests which YG Family member they want to resemble the most, and Taeyang said Psy.

Taeyang said, “If I can be born again, I want to be like Psy. I don’t want to have an obsession with perfection. I want to eat whenever I want to, and I also want to drink after work. Psy does all those and I envy him.” At this, the host Lee Seung Gi got laughs, saying, “Aren’t  you just envious of Psy’s stomach?”

T.O.P said he wanted to look like Se7en. He said, “He looks still very young although he’s actually older than he looks. His skin is as soft as that of babies.”

Gummy said, “I want to be young like 2NE1′s Min Ji. I’m envious of her age. I wish I can be young like her.” Min Ji is 19 years old and the youngest member of YG Family.

In the episode, most of YG Entertainment singers made a guest appearance and entertained the viewers.