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Daesung rocks out for What’s Up

Jaws dropped when Big Bang member Daesung first revealed his ripped shirtless body a few days ago. These photos were for Daesung’s upcoming new drama titled, “What’s Up“. Now even more photos from the drama have been released.

Daesung is said to assume the role of a student pursuing musical studies, but it seems like this “student” may be living a double life as an idol under the stage name Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. In one of the photos, a fan is holding up a sign that reads “take off your mask” in Korean, while another fan is holding up the same message but in English.

The photos below are from the drama, as Daesung had to film a rock concert for it. The mask, outfit and setting definitely gives off a creepy yet epic rock vibe, so fans are definitely excited to see this new side of our usual comedic relief. Check out some of the photos below!

Thanks to bubblish266 for the tip!

Source: allkpop