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Seungri confesses to streaming his own music to raise rank

Big Bang’s Seungri revealed his secret behind raising music rank.

On April 20th, the Big Bang boys appeared on MBC FMPark Kyung Lim’s Starry Night‘ for the first time in 3 years.

At Park Kyung Lim’s question, “Is there a member who clicks their name frequently to keep their ranking first on search engines?“, G-Dragon commented, “We all use our own computers so I don’t know.” Seungri revealed, “I’ve seen T.O.P. search his name before.

Seungri continued, “There is [this thing called] music streaming. In order to raise our music rankings, I listen to our own songs. You have to listen to the whole song in order for it to count.

G-Dragon stated, “While Seungri was doing his solo promotions, he listened to ‘What Can I Do’ about 100 times.

When Park Kyung Lim asked if T.O.P has done the same thing while doing unit promotions with G-Dragon, he said, “We didn’t really know. We’ll learn from now on and do it.”

Seungri made the entire studio laugh by saying, “For me, I prepared well by researching the market because I thought I should target a niche market.

Daesung was also criticized by the members for wearing a pair of sunglasses.

DJ Park Kyung Lim innocently commented, “With or without sunglasses, you are all handsome.” She also asked, “Before and after putting on sunglasses, who is the most different?” and T.O.P. answered, “Daesung looks funnier when he puts them on.”

Daesung himself explained, “My eyes get way bigger so I look funnier.

At Park Kyung Lim’s request, he put on his sunglasses. After seeing him, the DJ said, “I saw for the first time a person who looks funny after just putting on a pair of sunglasses.” Other members laughed wildly after hearing this comment, saying “You look like Jo Yong Pil sunbaenim.”

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Nate