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Big Bang’s “Love Song” is #1 in Brazil’s Top Mundi

About Top Mundi:
Top Mundi is a show from MTV Brazil, hosted by VJ Didi, where the music video’s rankings are voted by the viewers, through a poll on MTV’s Brazil website. The network publishes a list with music videos from all over the world, escaping the usual Brazil-USA, seeking variety and presenting European, Asian, Latin American and others artists.

The show has been receiving attention from the Asian music fans, and it has become customary to see famous artists from Japan and Korea on their weekly ranks.

The last show broadcasted on May, reserved a pleasant surprise for the fans of the South Korean group, Big Bang, once their music video of “Love Song” received an expressive amount of votes from the netizens, getting the first place on the last 27th (reruns on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th of May). Besides that, VJ Didi spoke about the voting happening on the official page of Big Bang on Facebook, regarding a possible global event, and asked the viewers to ‘like’ Brazil, that way they could bring the group to Brazil.

That shows that Brazil not only has a massive audience for the Asian music in general, but reaffirms the big numbers of Big Bang fans in Brazil.

Source: Top Mundi@MTV.com and BigBangBrazil(video and “about” information)
translations: Atenais and Boo