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YG Entertainment officially announces, “Big Bang Is Coming”

Recently YG Entertainment officially announced the comeback of Big Bang

On January 21, YG posted a picture of Big Bang’s logo on its official bog, YG Life, with the caption, “Big Gang Is Coming.”
Previously Yang Hyun Suk, a representative of YG Entertainment stated when Big Bang makes their comeback. However, this is the first official announcement through the official website so that fans in domestic and overseas can notice the date of the long awaited comeback.

With the announcement, there is a huge interest in what kind of promotion will be taking place. YG always tried a different, new promotion for comebacks of YG singers, which never let their fans down.
YG Entertainment says, “We’re not supposed to reveal everything about the promo yet, but surely it will be the biggest scale in YG history.”

Taeyang also says, “We have a plan to throw ‘Big Show’ in March. By that time, we’ll release a new album.”

It has been known that several songs already produced, earlier than scheduled. Hence, there is a possibility of the new album being released in February, earlier than expected. In this case, we will meet Big Bang’s new album after 10 months since the special album including “Love Song” was released in last April.

During the New Year’s holidays, Big Bang is taking part in YG Family’s Fifteen-Year-Celebration Concert held at the Super Arena, in Saimata, near Tokyo, in January 21 & 22.