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BIGBANG Alive World Tour 2012 Los Angeles Event- Sing Happy Birthday to T.O.P.

All V.I.P.s who are attending the November 3rd concert in Anaheim are asked to join us in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to T.O.P. after the third song “Hands Up” right before the first break. His birthday is the next day November the 4th, so let’s make it and even more memorable day for him. =) Let’s show him our V.I.P. LOVE!!!

Also, included in our event is the L.A. Chant, T.O.P. Encore Chant, Glow in the Dark Star (Monster song), Event T-Shirts, Fan Meeting before the concert (possibly an after party), Birthday Banner, and Radio Station Event: Request BigBang


Here is the set list:
1. Alive (intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up (remix)
3.5 L.A. V.I.P.’s SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to T.O.P.=) *In English
4. First break/ment
5. Fantastic Baby
6. How Gee
7. Stupid Liar
8. Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri stage break/ment
9. High High- GD&TOP stage
10. Strong Baby remix- Seungri solo stage
11. What Can I Do- Seungri solo stage
12. Gara! Gara! Go!
13. Number 1
14. Second group Talk/ment
15. Cafe
16. Bad Boy/ Bad Boy reggae (?)
17. Blue / Blue dance version
18. Ain’t No Fun (재미없어)
19. Love Dust
20. Love Song
21. Look Only at Me (나만 바라봐) Remix- Taeyang Solo Stage
22. Wedding Dress- Taeyang solo stage
23. Wings- Daesung solo stage
24. Haru Haru (acoustic version)
25. fourth talk/ment
26. Lies
27. Last Farewell

Hello V.I.P.’s,

In an attempt to keep everyone informed about the L.A. /N.J. concerts and keep our event page neat, I have compiled all the events in one post. If you scroll down you will find everything you need to know about the things we are planning for the concerts. PLEASE take the time to read them as it would significantly decrease the volume of questions we receive every day. Thank You=) If you are still unable to find an answer to your question/s please post it below and we will try our best to answer it. Thank You! – Mirella Nava

Main Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/files/

1. L.A./N.J. FAQ’s
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266676396770324/

2. Updates as of July 17, 2012
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266677810103516/

3. L.A./N.J. Event T-shirts FAQ’s
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266679220103375/

4. T.O.P. Encore Chant Deadline July 22nd, 2012 10pm (PDT)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266677553436875/

5. L.A. Fan Chant Deadline July 15th, 2012 10pm(PDT)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266677383436892/

6. Mass Post of our Events held every Friday from 5-6pm (PDT)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266676710103626/

7. Honda Center’s Policies (posters, Cameras etc…)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266676920103605/

8. Glow in the Dark Star instructions
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266676566770307/

9. L.A. V.I.P’s Group-Anyone can join! We made it to share our stars=)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/

10. Reasons for choosing English for the Happy B-Day song
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266677186770245/

11. Dress Like BigBang Mini Event-Participate!!!
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261683440602953/266676210103676/

12. Official BigBang: L.A. Playlist by DJ Fraff
Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD4B91BC203AC227D

13. Getting Ready for BigBang by DJ Fraff- BigBang Chants Playlist
Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL94557441569CA5AE

FAQ: Sing Happy Birthday Event L.A./NJ

1. What language are we singing Happy Birthday in?
Since most of us don’t know Korean we are doing it in English.

2. If “Hands Up” is for some reason switched out, do we still do it after the 3rd song?
If the set list for November 3rd is different we will still be singing Happy Birthday after the third song.

3. How should we address T.O.P. in the birthday song?
The name TOP-sshi won with 164 votes. We will sing Happy Birthday after the third song and address him as TOP-SSHI in both venues.=)

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear TOP-SSHI
Happy Birthday to you

TOP-sshi (top-sshi): Since TOP likes formality, he would truly appreciate being addressed in a more respectful way. Also, since the song is in the context of a public concert, it would be most appropriate to call him by his stage name rather than his personal name. He even mentioned once that he wants a division between his stage life and personal life, and it would be somewhat disrespectful to use his personal name in that kind of setting. Since it’s their first concert here, we want to leave an impression of being a polite (but energetic) audience that they would love to return to!

4. Is there going to be a fan meeting for this event?

Los Angeles:
Yes. We are currently working out the details. As of now we know it’s going to be on November the 3rd. Location most likely in front of the Honda Center. The time is going to be set after the tickets go on sale. Please check back for updates

New Jersey:
For New Jersey we haven’t quite talked about it yet, there is a fan meeting but not set up through us, it’s lead by BigBangNYVIPS and Trulyegg. They are hosting a fan video event, in fact they would make a star for even those who can’t make it, please let them know.http://www.facebook.com/pages/BigBangNYVIPS/137814496355919

5. How can we contribute to this event?
Please help us by posting the information about the event in any other V.I.P. forum, blog, BigBang Youtube’s MVs, Facebook fan pages, twitter, and tumblr. We will have a mass post event every Friday up until the week before the L.A. concert from 5-6pm. Please join us!!!

FAQ: Star Event for L.A./NJ

6. What is the “Star for BigBang Event”?
All VIPs from across the world are asked to participate in a BIGBANG concert fan event. The idea is simple – create a star (approximately 20 x 20 inches), the front should contain the word “FIGHTING” while the back contains a personal message from you to the boys. The stars are supposed to be held up throughout the song “Monster”. Towards the end of the song the stars are transported to the stage and by that we mean passed down from fan to fan until they all reach the stage.Refer to the page event for more details https://www.facebook.com/events/496263663722431/

7. Are the L.A. V.I.P.’s joining the “Star for BigBang Event”?
Yes. We would like to create an ocean of glow in the dark stars for them during the MONSTER song. Let your imaginations go wild and make a star for Big Bang..

8. How do we do the stars?
It’s supposed to be a 20 x 20 inch star made out of cardboard for stability and then painted in glow in the dark color or whatever else catches your eye. The front has the word fighting and the back a personal message for the boys. Creativity has no limits!

9. How can we get the stars to glow and is it a must?
It is definitely NOT a must, the star is supposed to be a very personal thing, you can let your imagination run wild and do it the way you please. If you want to make it glow use glow in the dark paint/paper or maybe light sticks! :)

10. Can I make more than one star and leave the back blank and give them out to others at the concerts?
YES, YES, YES :) Please do so, that is a very great idea!:)

11. How do the stars get to the stage?
Preferably through us fans, please be so kind to ask the people in front of you to hand it towards the stage as part of an fan event, safety comes first so please do NOT THROW the stars someone can be seriously injured by it.=)

12. Where will the star event take place?
As of right now we are focusing on the concerts in LA and NJ, yet it’s an international event. Do you know people from abroad that are interested in getting things set up over there, please join us at any time!

13. We aren’t living within the US, can we still participate?
The event is supposed to be international, feel free to bring it abroad! :) Inside the group we are focusing on LA and NJ for now!

T-Shirt’s FAQ

Here is the link to purchase them:


1. How long will the shirts be available?
Until a week or so after both concerts have ended. However, please take in to account that it takes 4-8 days to process and ship the shirts, so don’t order at the last minute!

2. Are you making the shirts yourselves?
No, we are using Spreadshirt to print and distribute the shirts. They are a popular and reputable company that prints designs on-demand.

3. Is there any way you can lower the price?
No. We are not making any profit on these shirts; we are only charging the base Spreadshirt price. Therefore, it is impossible to reduce the price any more. Plus, $11.90 is affordable. ;)

4. What shirts are available?
Standard Weight Women’s Tees, Standard Weight Men’s Tees, Canvas V-Neck Tees, Women’s Plus Size Tees, Men’s 3XL/4XL Tees.

5. Can you put up _________ type of shirts?
We already have a nice assortment of shirt choices and are not currently planning on adding more. We want to keep things simple (as well as fair to those that ordered early).

6. Why no Women’s V-Neck?
The women’s v-necks are not the best quality and hardly come to a “v” at all. Your best bet would be the Canvas V-Neck, sized accordingly (see below).

7. How do the shirts fit?
Each shirt is different. The Men’s: regular men’s shirt fit; medium weight fabric; not extra soft but not too rough. The Women’s: Same fabric type as Men’s; fits smaller than a men’s or unisex Tee; shorter length. Canvas V-Neck: Extremely soft fabric; although it is a “men’s” tee, it supposedly fits more like a unisex tee (which is smaller than a men’s tee, but slightly bigger than a Women’s)/ Plus Size: Similar to the Men/Women’s Tees, only larger.
The best way to tell the shirt’s fit is by looking at the measurements on the Sizing Chart. To find the Size Chart, simple click the link next to the size drop-down menu.

8. Can I get the shirt in _______ color?
We cannot control what color shirts Spreadshirt offers, so the colors listed in the store are the only colors available.

9. Is it really glow-in-the-dark? It just looks white.
Yes, it’s glow-in-the-dark! :)

10. What’s the difference between the LA and NJ shirts?
Both shirts are the same, except the LA shirt has “Los Angeles, CA” on the back while NJ has “Newark, NJ.”

11. If I buy the shirt and it doesn’t fit, can I return it?
Spreadshirt handles all returns, so you will need to contact them directly. Since all products are printed on-demand, any shirts returned must be destroyed or donated. If Spreadshirt made an error printing, they will gladly send a replacement. If you just want to return the shirt because of sizing/personal reasons, however, Spreadshirt will normally offer store credit as a refund…but you will probably have to mail the product back and pay for return shipping.

12. Do we have to buy them in black?
No. Each V.I.P. is unique so we want to emphasize that together we are a beautiful V.I.P. rainbow. We want everyone to feel conformable, happy, and be able to express their love for BigBang in their own way by wearing their V.I.P. shirt in their favorite color. =)

13. Who designed the shirts?
The shirts were designed by Mirella, approved by all hosts, and then converted/uploaded by Corey. A group effort. :)

Tickets FAQ

1. Do you know when they are coming out? What are the prices? How many tickets are going to be sold? Are there going to be any V.I.P. tickets? What does a V.I.P. ticket include?
We don’t know anything about tickets. Once the information is released we will post it on the event page. =)

Thank You for being part of this event. We look forward to meeting you at the concert. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment. We will try our best to answer any questions you guys have. Fighting!!!=)

* Anyone who wishes to advertise another event not related to this page. PLEASE message Mirella Nava to get an approval. We want to avoid confusion.=) Thank You!

NOTE: Other V.I.P.s around the globe are organizing events for their concerts.
1. All VIPs from across the world are asked to participate in a BIGBANG concert fan event. The idea is simple – create a star (like the ones shown in the picture, approximately 20 x 20 inches), the front should contain the word “FIGHTING” while the back contains a personal message from you to the boys. The stars are supposed to be held up throughout the song “Monster”. Towards the end of the song the stars are transported towards the stage! It’s supposed to show that even after all that has happened, we are still standing as one strong unit, showing our love and support for our 5 Kings!
Of course this goes for all upcoming concerts, so be creative, I want all the stars to look as individual and unique as possible! :)


2. For all the VIPS that are planning on going to the concert in NJ, there is another fan video event going on with a meet-up hosted by BigBangNYVIPS and Trulyegg. For everyone who can’t make it to the concert, you can inform them and they will make a star for you instead! So go ahead and show them some support http://www.facebook.com/pages/BigBangNYVIPS/137814496355919


Join the even @

Angeles Event- Sing Happy Birthday to T.O.P.”>
BIGBANG Alive World Tour 2012 Los Angeles Event- Sing Happy Birthday to T.O.P.