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[NEWS/PHOTO] Block B on the 9 O’Clock News

Idol group, Block B, has appeared on the 9 O’clock news.

On the 22nd, Block B’s Thailand interview was shown on MBC News. During the broadcast, the announcer said, “A Korean idol group recently visited Thailand and said a few words of mockery regarding the flood that had happened in Thailand. After hearing what they had said and seeing their behaviors, it understandable why the people of Thailand were angry.”

Last month, Block B had visited Thailand and had an interview. In the interview, the members weren’t being respectful towards the reporters. Instead, they’re lying on top of the table and clapping with their feet. This act has hurt the fans in Thailand.

The fans in Thailand commented, “Because the Hallyu wave has become so big, it seems like Korea is looking down on Thailand” and “K-Pop will eventually come to an end.”

One fan commented, “The Hallyu K-Pop has a good image. But because of recent happenings, the image has gotten bad. Next time, when sending them to a different country, it would be best to teach them proper etiquette.”

SOURCE @ TVDaily via Yahoo!Korea

CREDITS BY: marc0417 @ http://in2kpop.com/2012/02/22/block-9-oclock-news/