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Alexander Eusebio tells the ladies to pass on tattoos

Alexander loves his girls to possess classic beauty like a timeless painting, not be the canvas!

On October 6th, the singer tweeted his thoughts on the popular trend of drawing designs on one’s body.

“I don’t think girls should get tattoos. It might look cool, but think about when u become old. n removing it is PAINFUL. Juz get a ″hana″ Henna? Temporary tattoo~ Fake tattoo that lasts for months? LOL~ Well, if ya mentor is Jesus too, then call me Xander (sunbae)~ Boys?? I dun care… let them ruin their skins so I could be the cleanest~ LOL! If u hv tattoo already, it’s fine. juz dun tattoo a LOT~ “

Will you now think twice before inking your skin?

Source: @alexander_0729

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