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2010 Asia Song Festival – JaneZhang (1)

Seoul, Korea – On October 23rd, the 2010 Asia Song Festival took place at the Olympic Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul.

As part of the G20 Festivities, the Asia Song Festival was a joint concert by the most popular artists of Korea and Asia.

[JaneZhang of Chinese singer - Show!]

Beginning at 6pm on Saturday, October 23rd in Jamsil Olympic Stadium, it featured the top Korean artists such as:

* Boa: born in 1986, debuted in 2000 with ‘ID:Peace B’, SM Entertainment’s most acclaimed female artist.

* Rain: born in 1982, debuted in 2001 with ‘Bad Guy’, world famous singer/actor listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2006.

* Lee Seung Chul: born in 1966, debuted in 1985 with the rock band Boohwal, one of the most successful artists in Korean pop music history.

* Kara: debuted in 2007, 5 member girl idol group of DSP Media.

* 2AM: debuted in 2008, 4 member boy group from JYP, chosen as MNET’s 20 most influential stars in 2010.

* 4minute: debuted in 2009, 5 member girl group from CUBE Entertainment.

* Beast: debuted in 2009, 6 member boy group from CUBE Entertainment.

And also featured top Asian artists such as:

* AKB48: debuted in 2005, Japan’s most popular idol group

* Joe Cheng: born in 1982, Taiwanese singer/actor, who starred in the Taiwanese version of Boys over Flowers

* Jane Zhang: born in 1984, Chinese singer who has whistle register abilities similar to Mariah Carey.

* Michael Wong: born in 1970, Malaysian singer-songwriter

* Bie the Star: born in 1985, Thai singer/actor, 1st runner-up in the Tail talent television contest The Star.

Also, as part of an event hosted by Korea.com, 2 lucky people (1 USA, 1 Australian) were able to receive all-access passes and two bloggers were given press passes to the Asia Song Festival.

Written by Timothy Nam
Photo from Korea.com

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