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Sketches of the Asia Song Festival Event :D

Seoul, Korea – Here are some pictures and stories from October 22nd and 23rd during the 2010 Asia Song Festival.

At the Press Conference, we got to sit at the front where most of the press sits :D
There was a bit of a  distance from the celebrities but we got to take their pictures freely.

After the conference, I found the back door and got a chance to see some celebrities leaving the conference room.

We saw Jane Zhang, Kara and 2AM leaving. But, this is the only picture that I got :( The manager of KARA told me not to take pictures of them and asked me to erase the pictures that I already took. (I’m sorry I didn’t erase it :D )

Next day, I went to JamSil Sports Complex at around 1 o’clock. Even though we got VIP seat tickets, we needed to be there in advance to get the better seats. There was a HUGE line up!! I waited about two hours to actually get in the stadium. :(

Finally, We got to meet the two awesome winners of our ASF event :D It was great to meet you guys!

Before the concert started, we got a chance to look around the stadium. They also got an interview from a Japanese reporter :P How great!

When we went backstage, we saw the singer’s waiting room, but the singers weren’t there! :(

Finally, the concert started! It was a great night!

Thank you for coming Emily and Samantha! Hope you guys enjoyed the concert!

And thank you  Simon and Martha, an awesome “Eat your Kimchi” bloggers, too!

Photo by Korea.com
Written by Sarah Lee

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