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“Humble beginnings” – the Cinderella story of miss A’s Suzy

The story of Suzy’s rise to stardom has been compared to that of Cinderella’s.

While Suzy didn’t have to live with an evil stepmother and bratty stepsisters, she did start off with humble beginnings. Suzy was born in 1994 as the youngest of 3 siblings; her parents were owners of a small eatery in Gwangju. Although she grew up without any special treatment or training, this ‘eatery owner’s daughter’ was recognized by everyone in Woosan-dong for her pretty face and dance skills.

Mnet’s ‘Superstar K’ also recognized that there was something extraordinary about this little girl from Gwangju. When the show came to town, Suzy made it through the preliminary round, and was then eliminated, but quickly rose to the top afterwards to become a JYP trainee.

Head of publicity, JYP Entertainment’s Han Soojung revealed, “In order to find a potential trainee, we went all the way to Gwangju and Suzy caught the eye of one of our managers. The manager talked to Suzy as she was going to the ladies’ room during the auditions.“ She also shared, “We didn’t know that Suzy’s parents owned an eatery. She has a bright personality. Although her family may not have been well-off, it seems that she received much love from her parents growing up.

Many have begun to compare Suzy’s Cinderella story to that of superstar Lee Hyori’s.

As Fin.K.L’s fame steadily rose, Lee Hyori was revealed to be a ‘barber’s daughter’, which allowed people to feel a sense of closeness to the star. Her life was like something out of the movies, and gave youths hope that their own dreams could come true.

Lee Hyori and Suzy have also been compared due to their similar ‘cute and sexy’ charm.

As a member of the increasingly popular girl group miss A, Suzy has flaunted her colorful, yet purely feminine charm. Like her predecessor before her, she’s gained a considerable male-fan base due to her ‘girl-next door’ image.

A JYP representative stated, “I heard that Suzy’s parents actively support her efforts. Suzy’s love for her parents is extraordinary, she always thinks of her parents first. In fact, she always affirms that she is going to give her hardworking parents a special gift once she establishes big success.”

Source: Sports Chosun & Newsen

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