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2AM members are getting back together in September

2AM members are currently working individually, but they will be back together for their group activities in Japan.

On July 14, Big Hit Entertainment that manages 2AM on July 14 said that the group will release third single and begin activities in Japan this fall.

The single is not a remade song, but a completely new one to release exclusive in Japan. A staff member of the agency told Starnews, “After working individually till August, they will release a new single in September and begin promotions in Japan.

So far, we’ve remade the group’s hit songs and released in Japan, but this time, we are releasing a new song exclusively in the country. Now members are recording the song in their spare time from individual activities.”

The new song “What I Can Do For You” was selected to play in the Japanese TV series Neo Phantasmagoria Corporation which premieres on July 16. A popular song of a Japanese singer is also to be included as a cover song.

Unlike other K-pop “idol” groups debuted in Japan, 2AM attracted attention for presenting their outstanding singing skills as main weapon. As most of K-pop songs are dance music, people are curious whether the ballad group can make a new sensation in the industry.

Previously in January, 2AM successfully debuted in Japan with the song, “Never Let You Go,” ranking third on the Oricon single daily and weekly charts.

Their second single released in April, “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls,” ranked fourth and fifth on the daily and weekly charts respectively. On July 4, 2AM teamed up with 2PM and sang “One Day,” a song for the sound track of the popular Japanese documentary movie, Beyond the Oneday-Story of 2PM & 2AM.

Since they returned to Korea with the EP F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love in March, they have been working individually receiving fans’ love and support.

The leader Jo Kwon released his first solo, “I’m Da One” on June 25 and ranked at the top of music programs. Chang Min, on the other hand, is practicing hard to make a debut as a musical actor in La Cage.

Seul Ong is to debut on screen for he was cast to play in the movie 26 Years. Jin Woon was decided upon appearing in SBS’s variety program Law of the Jungle which will be shot in Madagascar.

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