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2PM’s Taec Yeon injures his left arm in Japan

Recently, 2PM’s Tae Yeon fractured his left humerus and is undergoing medical treatment.

On May 15, after finishing a performance in Japan, the star arm-wrestled another member of his group and got injured.

He was immediately sent to the emergency room of a Japanese hospital, but returned to his lodging shortly after a quick treatment. On May 16, Taec Yeon returned to Korea and is now undergoing a thorough medical examination at a hospital in Seoul.

His agency says, “At about 11:00 a.m. on the 16th, he returned to Korea and was sent to the hospital by 1:00 p.m. He is now in the middle of a complete medical examination, and the doctor says that he fractured his left humerus. When we get the results of his tests, we’ll know if he needs surgery. That will also help us decide whether he will be participating in the concert, but if it’s not serious, he will definitely appear.”

Another staff member of his agency says, “After wrapping up his work schedule yesterday, (May 15), he had an arm-wrestling match with another member of the group, and that’s when he got injured. Because all 2PM members work out, they have strong arm muscles. This kind of incident happens frequently among those who have built arm muscles when their muscles push down on their bone. Since we don’t have any results from the hospital, it’s hard for us to tell what his further plans will be.”

2PM is to hold an exclusive live concert called Six Beautiful Days in Budokan, in Japan, starting on the 24th of May. All seats for the concert sold out as soon as ticket sales started. The same thing happened with another  performance by the group that will be held at the Yokohama Arena on June 5 and 6. These sales show 2PM’s skyrocketing popularity in Japan.

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