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4MINUTE’s past: Not Huyn Ah but Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon were trouble makers

Some members of 4MINUTE revealed their troubled past. Two members of 4MUNITE were once kicked out of their agency when they were trainees. (Now, luckily for us, they are in the group though.)

4MINUTE had an interview with the episode of KBS2’s Entertainment News that aired on April 28 at Hongdae area, and exposed this shocking story.

While talking about visiting Hongdae, which is one of the busies area filled with countless youth, members were reminded of their past. One of them fessed up, “When we were trainees, we caused plenty of troubles. Not minor ones, really.”

Heo Ga Yoon said, “Once, we made a big trouble and headed to Hongdae with all of our mobiles off.” Jeon Ji Yoon added, “We couldn’t turn them on as we were really chickened out. Later, when we turn them on at midnight, there were over hundred missed calls. It came to light that the agency made calls to our friends as well as our parents in searching for us. That was it. Ga Yoon and I were kicked out of the agency, and that made the debut of 4MINUTE delayed.”

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