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Japanese media staff member mentions T-ara’s Hwayoung: “She was a sweet girl”

After T-ara’s agency announced the cancellation of its contract with Hwayoung, a staff member of a Japanese mass media organization who heard the news left some comments that began, “Hwayoung was a sweet girl.”

On July 30, the staff member tweeted, “When I participated in a commercial shooting with T-ara as an interpreter and an assistant (in February), she (Hwayoung) was extremely quiet, not talking to anyone on the set. She wasn’t talking to anyone, not to makeup artists nor to the other members of the group, but just working on her own thing. She kept smiling for us, though. I remember her as the girl with the best facial expression.

“Someone told me to look after her because she was new in the group and felt shy around cameras. I tried my best to make her feel comfortable, but it was true that she appeared low in energy. On seeing all this, I thought, ‘Is she nervous because she’s new here or does she not have good relationship with the other members?’”

She added, “I guess she didn’t get along with the others very well afterwards. Poor thing.. Certainly, most people in this industry have strong character, living in the delusion that they are the most beautiful people in the whole world. About 99% of them are this way, so the kind and sweet ones find it very hard to survive here. It’s true that you won’t survive if you don’t become one of them, but…”

At 1:00 p.m. on July 30, Core Contents Media announced, “Because T-ara puts its teamwork before the eight individual members and with the respect of 19 different staff members, we came to this decision after careful consideration. We believe that none of the staff need to go through a hard time anymore, and we decided to cancel our contract with Hwayoung inconditionally.”

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